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Waste Treatment&Recycling

Whether you are dealing with food waste, recycling glass or recycling waste oil, Dahan Machinery can provide separation solutions that meet your requirements.

Waste Treatment&Recycling

Industry Application:

1. Paper industry: The vibrating screen plays the role of filter grid in the pretreatment of industrial wastewater generated in the paper industry, effectively removing large-particle pollutants in wastewater.

2. Mining industry: The industrial wastewater from the mining industry contains a large number of heavy metal particles. The application of vibrating screen enables the effective removal of heavy metal particles in the sewage and greatly improves the resource utilization rate.

3. Domestic sewage: With the improvement of the quality of life, the discharge of domestic sewage is also increasing. Many domestic wastes are trapped in the domestic sewage, and the vibrating screen has been well applied in the pretreatment of these domestic wastes.

4. Sewage treatment plant: Sewage treatment plant must go through pretreatment-secondary treatment-advanced treatment and other links. Just now we mentioned that the vibrating screen can play the role of filter grid in pretreatment, and then we can also use fine The vibrating screen has a fine filtering effect before precipitation, which greatly shortens the precipitation time and improves the sewage treatment capacity a lot.

Practical Application

Material Mesh Method Processing Capacity
Pesticide 500 mesh Wet 500 Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen
Fertilizer 4-10 mm Dry 3000 Linear Vibrating Screen
Urea 40-60 mesh 5500
Wheat 8 mm 80000
Sesame 3 mm 400
Peanut 0.5 mm 500
Soybeans 130 mesh 4000


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