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Sieve Shaker

For separation and sizing of powders, granules, suspensions

CE Certification ISO Certification


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Acid and alkali corrosion resistance 1-8 layer test screen Automatic shutdown

International standard: ISO3310-1:1990 R20/3, R20, R40/3 series

Sieve diameter: 75mm, 100mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm

Measuring range: 20µm-125mm

Feeding amount: 200g

Screen frame layers: 1-8 layers

Amplitude: 1-4mm Voltage: 220V

Power: 0.125KW Noise: ≤50dB

Dimensions: 360*300*736 Weight: 36 kg

Commitment: :Free Shipping/5 Days Delivery/30-Day Returns/Support Customization

What Is a Sieve Shaker?

Sieve shaker also called sieve shaker machine, ideal for dry and wet sieving, measuring quantitative particle size distribution of solids and suspensions, separating and classifying samples up to 2 kg in the measuring range of 20 µm - 63 mm, The advantages of sieve shaker machine include consistency, accuracy, and repeatable separations compared to manual sieve shaking methods for particle sizing. Lastly, shakers save a considerable amount of testing time.

what is a sieve shaker

Sieve shakers are available in different materials: brass, stainless steel or brass frame with stainless steel mesh. Diameters include 75mm, 100mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, with mesh sizes ranging from 4mm to 38 microns. When stacked on a vibrating sieve, the top test sieve has the largest sieve size and the bottom sieve size is the smallest, which can accurately separate a granular material into 2~7 particle segments at the same time.

sieve shaker machine diameter

What is sieve shaker used for?

Function of sieve shaker machine

Sieve shaker machine is widely used in medicine, metallurgy, abrasives, chemical industry, pharmacopoeia, geology and other scientific research and production, laboratories and quality inspection rooms to accurately screen the particle size structure, liquid solid content and debris amount of granular and powdery materials. It can quickly and effectively measure the size of solid particles from 125mm to 20μm. Special sieves with pore sizes smaller than 20 μm can be used, but it should be understood that the finer the sieve, the more likely certain types of particulate solids are to clog or clog the pore size. However, "micro" sieving down to 5 μm is possible using special techniques.

Type of Sieve Shaker

  • Electromagnetic Sieve Shaker

    Electromagnetic Sieve Shaker

    Dry or wet sieving or micro-precision sieving for quantitative particle size analysis of various solids and suspensions

    Measuring range: 5μm-63mm

    Suitable screen diameter: 200 mm / 300 mm

    Product details

  • Rotap Sieve Shaker

    >Rotap Sieve Shaker

    Used in the production and classification of diamond micropowder and superhard materials industry

    Measuring range: 20 µm - 40 mm

    Suitable screen diameter: 200 mm / 300 mm/span>

    Product details

  • Ultrasonic Test Sieve Shaker

    Ultrasonic Test Sieve Shaker

    Suitable for fine powder with high static electricity, strong adsorption force, high density and light specific gravity

    Measuring range: 20μm

    Suitable screen diameter: 100 mm / 200 mm / 300 mm

    Product details

Sieve shaker specification

sieve shaker machine

Shape Size diameter Depth
Biggest Smallest
round 75 75 65 25
round 200 200 175 25,50
round 300 300 285 75
square 300 300 75
No. name unit parameter
01 frame the number of layer 1-8
02 frame diameter mm &200
03 sieve size mm 0.025-3
04 noise dB less than 50
05 amplitude mm 2-500
06 vibration frequency times/min 1440
07 outside dimension LWH 350*350*(300+n*5)
08 power supply V;HZ 200;50
09 machine weight kg 2-500
10 vibration motor power o.12kw

Commonly used sieve frames for sieve shakers are in three specifications with diameters of 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, etc. The screens have mesh requirements GB6003.1-1997 wire woven mesh and mesh requirements GB6003.2-1997 perforated plate screen mesh , The sieve frame of the two structures can also be installed in the test sieve or the flapping standard inspection sieve to classify the composition of various powder materials in each country.

How Does A Sieve Shaker Works?

Sieve shaker is a vibration motor as vibration source, vibration motor drive the vibration sieve machine base, through the base to mounted on the base of standard sieve test, standard test on the screen, to make them less than the test sieve sieve escapes hole material particles test sieve sieve into the lower level, so the screening, each layer test only stay in the same particle size of materials. To achieve the separation of different particle size and determine the particle size of the material composition. The purpose of screening, grading and filtering the materials in the test screen effectively.

Benefits of Sieve Shaker

Wet and dry fine sieving

Quantitative particle size distribution measurement of solids and suspensions with mesh diameters from 100 mm to 450 mm and mesh widths from 5 µm – 125 mm.

3-D Throwing Sports

The 3-D throwing motion ensures optimum utilization of the open sieve area and uniform movement of the sample across the entire sieve surface, with sample weights between 0.05 g and 15 kg.

Fast, Repeatable Results

Driven by a built-in 99-minute digital timer with an accuracy of 0.1 second, the screening time can be freely controlled to ensure the repeatability and consistency of the test, and the test data is more reliable.

Multilevel test

According to the detection requirements, a multi-layer screen frame can be added to accurately separate the granular material into 2-7 particle segments at a time.

SUS304 stainless steel

The screen frame is made of SUS304 (0Cr18ni9) stainless steel stretched and polished, with a wall thickness of 0.6 mm. The overall shape is strong and durable, without magnetism. The screen is fixed by soldering and will not relax.

Precise mesh

The sieve is woven by stainless steel, the hole diameter complies with the GB6003.1-1997 standard, and it is shipped out after passing the strict inspection, which can ensure the consistency and interchangeability of the same type of sieve in different batches.

Videos for Sieve Shaker

Aperture and Mesh Conversion

Part of the mesh reference drawing

No. Type Mesh(mm) No. Type Mesh(mm)
1 8# 2.360 15 70# 0.212
2 10# 2.000 16 80# 0.180
3 12# 1.700 17 100# 0.150
4 14# 1.400 18 120# 0.125
5 16# 1.180 19 140# 0.106
6 18# 1.000 20 170# 0.09
7 20# 0.850 21 200# 0.075
8 25# 0.710 22 230# 0.063
9 30# 0.600 23 270# 0.053
10 35# 0.500 24 325# 0.045
11 40# 0.425 25 400# 0.038
12 45# 0.355 26 500# 0.028
13 50# 0.300 27 >500# <0.028
14 60# 0.250

Mesh number is the number of mesh in a mesh of one inch (25.4mm) width. The larger the mesh number, the smaller the mesh.

Structure of Sieve Shaker

structure and details

Sieve: The sieve is the more technical part of the sieve shaker machine. The most commonly used mesh type is stainless steel woven wire mesh. Opening sizes from 5 inches (125 mm) to 635 mesh (20 microns).

Screen Frame: The frame is the circular metal ring used to hold the mesh in place. Standard frame sizes in the US are 3", 8", and 12". Internationally, 100mm, 200mm and 300mm are standard sizes. Screen frames can be made of stainless steel or brass.

Skirt: The main purpose of the skirt is to allow the sieves to stack without tipping over.

Product Options

Metal woven mesh Metal perforated plate mesh Electroforming mesh Nylon mesh Brass mesh
Diameter 200mm、75mm、300mm 200mm、300mm 75mm、200mm 100mm、200mm、300mm 75mm、100mm、200mm
Mesh size 0.02mm~2.36mm 1mm~125mm 5um~500um 6-500 mesh 10-350 mesh
Features Lowest cost, good flexibility, but lowest relative accuracy (large mesh allowed) The mesh precision is uniform and not easily deformed, mainly used for the detection of large particles Manufactured by electrochemical methods, the precision is the highest, and the theoretical precision can reach one micron It is made of polypropylene PP material through special processing technology, which can meet the user's screening work for acid, alkali and corrosive materials. It has corresponding corrosion resistance, the heat treatment temperature is between 650-850°C, and the annealing temperature is between 600-700°C.

What is the function of sieve shaker?

working principle of sieve shaker

Sieve shaker is a machine device used to separate solid materials or mixtures of different particle sizes. The function of the screening machine is mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

Particle classification: Sieve shaker can classify raw materials according to particle size, so that materials of different particle sizes can be effectively separated.

Product screening: Sieve shaker can screen out particles that meet the requirements to ensure that product quality and specifications meet standards.

Improve production efficiency: Sieve shaker can quickly and accurately separate particles, improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs, and ensure the smooth operation of the production line.

Proven solutions for our wide range of products

Customer case

Cassia 14 mesh Buckwheat 12 mesh Tenebrio molitor eggs 12 mesh
Worm dung 30 mesh Soybeans 4-5 mesh green beans 10 mesh
Rice 12-14 mesh rice flour 30-40 mesh Cornmeal 30-40 mesh
flour 50-60 mesh Miscellaneous grains 40-50 mesh Sesame Millet 22-24 mesh
Fried Chicken Burger Breaded 20-30 mesh Mung bean flour 40-50 mesh Sesame powder 40-50 mesh
Notoginseng powder 100-120 mesh Pine pollen 100-120 mesh Chinese medicine powder 40-50 mesh
Oral Chinese medicine powder 60-80 mesh Traditional Chinese Medicine Mask 80-120 mesh Pearl powder 120-150 mesh
Medicine residue 60-150 mesh Soy milk 80-120 mesh honey 80-120 mesh
Soup dregs 120-150 mesh Tea water 120-150 mesh Cooking oil 150-200 mesh

User Ordering Information

2021/1/22 DH-300T sieve shaker +200 diameter test sieve + a cover chassis Guangzhou ** scientific instrument co., LTD
2020/12/11 DH300T sieve shaker +0.1mm test sieve with cover chassis Weifang ** Hydrology Technology Co., Ltd
2020/10/15 DH-300T sieve shaker + 14 sets test sieves +2 sets of cover chassis Henan *** Silicon Material Technology Co., Ltd
2020/10/29 1 set DH-300T sieve shaker machine Lanzhou university
2020/9/2 DH-300T test screen machine + 14 sets test sieve + 2 sets of cover chassis Foshan ** Environmental Protection Building Materials Co., Ltd
2020/7/24 1 set DH-300T laboratory sieve shaker+ diameter 200x50 soil screen (10 mesh, 20 mesh, 40 mesh, 50 mesh, 60 mesh, 80 mesh, 100 mesh, 200 mesh) each Beijing ** city trade co., LTD
2020/6/30 1 set DH-300T sieve shaker machine Ningxia ** Technology Co., Ltd
2020/5/12 1 set DH-400T sieve shaker machine; 4 sets Φ300 test sieve; 1 set of upper cover chassis Wuhan ** xin biotechnology co., LTD

Steps To Use Sieve Shaker

The following is a detailed analysis of the basic working steps and precautions of the sieve shaker machine by Dahan Machinery:

Before the sieve shaker starts working, the following work steps should be done:

1. Check whether the connected power supply meets the requirements (corresponding to the nameplate inspection, and there is a grounding wire);

2. The inspection sieve must be placed horizontally;

3. The vibrating part of the sieve shake cannot be in contact with other objects;

4. Ensure that the bolts of each part of the inspection sieve body are locked;

5. Select the appropriate standard screen frame according to the characteristics of the target screening material;

6. Stack the screen frame on the screen frame base in order of aperture from small to large and from bottom to top;

7. Put the test material into the uppermost screen frame and cover it;

8. Adjust the height of the adjusting rod according to the total height of the screen frame, use the pressure plate and lock nut to position and compress the standard screen frame, and pay attention to the force on both sides;

9. According to the nature and feeding amount of the target material, set the running time on the timer, turn on the power, and start the inspection sieve to work.

10. Unscrew the lock nut, remove the pressure plate, and carefully remove the standard screen frame;

11. Cut off the power supply of the standard inspection sieve.

At this point, the basic working steps of the sieve shaker machine are completed. The operation of the standard inspection sieve is relatively simple, but the above steps should also be carefully compared and completed one by one to avoid errors caused by improper operation.

Why Choose DAHAN Sieve Shaker

Xinxiang Dahan Sieve shaker machine manufacturer has ISO9001 international quality system certification, as well as EU CE dual certification. Dahan manufacturers will have a quality inspection department to verify the production of the screening machine. If the quality is unqualified, it will be returned to the factory for redo. The mesh size is as large as 13mm and as small as 0.03mm, which can meet the needs of most users.

1、Factory Show

Factory Show

Dahan is a direct-selling manufacturer, with sufficient product models, standard parts in stock, and special customization within 7 working days. The delivery is fast and the cycle is guaranteed.

2、Finished Product Display

Finished Product Display

30 days of quality problems are guaranteed, and the warranty period of the whole machine is 1 year. If there is a quality problem during this period, our factory will replace it for free.

3、Qualification Honor


Since its establishment in 2008, it has been highly recognized by customers by virtue of high-quality products, professional technology, and high-quality services to meet customer needs. Accurate measurement of particle size structure, liquid-like solid content and sundries of granular and powdery materials in scientific research and production, laboratories, quality inspection rooms, and laboratories of colleges and universities in medicine, powder, building materials, national defense, geology and other departments Sieve, filter, test. It is also often used by Coca-Cola (China) Beverage Co., Ltd., Tsinghua University, North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power, Hainan Institute of Tropical Oceanography, Shanghai University, Lanzhou University and other units.

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