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Industrial Sieve

High volume safety screening of powders and liquid slurries to remove all oversized contaminants

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Accurate screening Not clogged Multi-level classification

Function: Powder/particle classification screening, liquid filtration

Model: 400-2000mm (customizable)

Mesh size: 2-500 mesh

Output: 100-3300 kg/h

Layers: 1-5 layers

Material: carbon steel/stainless steel/plastic corrosion resistant

Power: 0.25-3KW

Application:Food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, paint, ceramics, metal powder, water treatment, recycling and other industries.

Commitment:Free Shipping/5 Days Delivery/30-Day Returns/Support Customization

What Is An Industrial Sieve?

Industrial sieve uses industrial sieves for high volume production for precise batch grading or safe screening of powders and liquids, it removes oversized contaminants from your powders and liquids and also accurately separates your powders and granules It can be divided into different sizes, and can classify wet or dry materials up to 6 levels in one operation. It is widely used in food and beverage, pharmaceutical, powder coating, metal powder, chemical, agricultural, plastic and other industries.

Industrial sieves are available in a variety of sizes for smaller and larger scale operations from Ø400 to Ø2000, with throughputs from 100 to 3300kg/h per hour, depending on the screened product, mesh size and the size of the machine Feed flow.

Function of Industrial Sieve

Main types of industrial sieve

Screening Impurities: Used to remove broken or undersized products such as lumps and other contaminants for final quality checks.

Particle Size Classification: Similar to inspection sieves, but provides more precise separation of sieved products. The purpose of the industrial classifier screen is to precisely separate out particles of different sizes from the product, allowing the final material to be classified into different sizes. This is usually achieved by passing the product through a screen of up to 5 different apertures.

Solid-liquid separation: It can quickly remove insoluble solid substances in various slurries, and can contact slag discharge. Most of them are single-layer, but they can also be used in multiple layers.

Batch Screening: Improves product quality and safety by breaking up clumps and filtering out oversized particles, contaminants and debris for smaller processes, batches or short runs.

Dehydration: For materials with high mud content and high water content, industrial sieve can be used to achieve desliming and dehydration treatment of materials, which can reach 16-18 tons in 1 hour, but this treatment can only be achieved by special industrial sieve.

Common Types and Applications

Vibratory Separators

Vibratory Separators

This vibratory separator or industrial screen is designed for screening, classifying multiple sizes, removing solid dust, and removing solids from liquids and slurries.

Common Applications: Material grading and removal of fines from chemical powders, ingredients, fragrances, peanuts, nuts, laundry powders, cosmetic powders, metal powders, zinc, etc., and solids removal from slurries and liquids.

Common industries: chemicals, minerals, ceramics, metal powders, agriculture, plastics, etc.


Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen

Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen

It solves the screening problems such as strong adsorption, easy agglomeration, high static electricity, high precision, high density, light specific gravity, etc. The screening accuracy can be increased by 1-70%, and the output can be increased by 0.5-10 times.

Common applications: 400 mesh, 500 mesh, 600 mesh traditional Chinese medicine powder, alloy powder, molybdenum powder, silicon carbide, abrasive, rare earth, stainless steel powder, tungsten powder, nickel powder, cobalt powder, etc.

Common industries: food, medicine, chemical industry, metal powder, metallurgy industry.


Tumbler Screen

Tumbler Screen

A circular rotary screen with left and right movement, specially used for precision fine screening of various sizes and dust removal materials that combine fine screening with large capacity.

Common applications: grading materials and removing EPS (expandable polystyrene), glass powder, glass sand, clay, chemical powders, metal powders, granules, sawdust, wood chips, etc.

Common industries: chemical powders, minerals, ceramics, metal powders, plastics, recycling, wood, mining.


Centrifugal Sifter

Centrifugal Sifter

The accurate screening device based on aerodynamic theory can continuously screen powdery materials in the range of 80-500 mesh fineness, and the screening rate can reach 85-95%. 10 times or more.

Common applications: light calcium powder, activated calcium powder, activated carbon powder, starch, traditional Chinese medicine powder, fly ash, zinc powder, graphite powder, quartz sand powder.

Common industries: metallurgy, mining, medicine, food, chemical, building materials, rubber, machinery, metal powder and non-metal industries.


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Benefits of Industrial Sieve

Suitable for high volume production in industrial screening

Industrial sieve can be used for safety sieving to eliminate foreign matter, separation process of solids in liquids, separation of different particle sizes in the same product, etc.

Sive in fine mesh

It can sieve up to 500 meshes to provide accurate particle size, and a professional screen deblinding system is installed, which can easily solve the problem of screen blockage.

Multi-layer separation

Material can be graded and sorted into 6 or fewer differently sized sections, increasing throughput by 70% compared to other conventional separators.

Automate work

Automatically process the screened impurities and coarse materials, saving labor, and after screening, it can automatically enter the next round of screening work, continuous operation.

Reduce cleaning downtime

Quick and easy disassembly without tools and all contact parts are fully washable.

very quiet operation

Noise levels typically less than 65 dBA.

Technical Parameter of Industrial Sieve

Model Effective screening diameter Screen mesh size range No of layers Power Online quotation
DHC-400 340 80-600MESH 1-3 LAYERS 0.18KW DHC400
DHC-600 540 80-600MESH 1-3 LAYERS 0.25KW Mode612
DHC-800 730 80-600MESH 1-3 LAYERS 0.55KW DHC800
DHC-1000 900 80-600MESH 1-3 LAYERS 0.75KW DHC1000
DHC-1200 1100 80-600MESH 1-3 LAYERS 1.1KW DHC1200
DHC-1500 1400 80-600MESH 1-3 LAYERS 1.5KW DHC1500
DHC-1800 1700 80-600MESH 1-3 LAYERS 2.2KW DHC1800

Product Configuration Table

Function Screening // filter //impurity removal
Diameter 400mm/600mm/800mm/1000mm/1200mm/1500mm/1800mm
Layer 1-5
Mesh size 2-500mesh
Material carbon steel/stainless steel/plastic
Screen cleaning way Only sieve(don't have other screen cleaning device) for coarse material which is easy to sieve or used for filter
Bouncing balls used for coarse material and easy to sieve
Ultrasonic system used for fine,light material and easy adsorption
Rotary brush used for some easy to conglomerate and viscosity material
Voltage 3 phase, 380V, 50HZ or
3 phase, 415V, 50HZ or others can be customized
Warranty 12months except the easy wear parts

Custom Types of Industrial Sieve

Dahan Machinery's industrial sieves can adopt different designs according to the requirements of different industries for processing materials and processes.

Customized Model Features Image
Standard It can separate solids and liquids or classify dry materials to remove impurities. Standard
Ultrasonic type The ultrasonic screening system is added, which is suitable for 20~300μm screen screening, which can prevent the screen from clogging and increase the production capacity by 10 times. Ultrasonic type
In-line type The discharge port is installed at the bottom, and the discharge block is easy to combine with the production line, and the output is 2-5 times that of ordinary sieves. In-line type
Anti-corrosion type The material in contact with the material is made of polypropylene (pp plastic), which is suitable for screening strong acid and alkali materials. Anti-corrosion type
Edge type The heightened design of the screen frame prevents material splashing and is easy to observe the screen Edge type
Gate typee The screening time can be controlled to ensure the processing accuracy of difficult-to-screen materials and increase the processing capacity Gate typee
Note: It is inconvenient to show more models one by one, Dahan Machinery can customize suitable industrial sieves according to your needs.

Application of Industrial Sieve

Application industry

Industrial sieves and screens are suitable for high volume industrial sieving. It can be used in the separation process of solids in liquids, for the separation of different particle sizes in the same product, for safety screening to eliminate foreign matter, for the homogenization of particles, etc.

1. Application of sieving in food industry: The food industry requires high hygienic standards. The whole machine is made of 304 or 316 stainless steel, and the parts in contact with the material are not allowed to have any impurity contamination. The vibrating screen seals are equipped with food hygiene standards.

2. Application of sieving in pharmaceutical industry: The pharmaceutical industry has very strict requirements on the screening of materials. It must be made of stainless steel 304 or even 316. The equipment must be cleaned several times with alcohol before leaving the factory, and the whole machine is polished inside and outside without black spots, Glitch free.

3. Application of sieving in chemical industry: In the chemical industry, there are not only some materials with weak acidity, but also some materials with strong alkalinity. For materials with weak acidity and alkalinity, stainless steel can be selected. Strong material, it is recommended to use plastic material.

4. Application of sieving in pollution treatment industry The advantages of stainless steel in the application field of pollution treatment are: easy to wipe, no bacteria, corrosion resistance. Example: In some farms, impurity removal and filtration can be performed on the sewage in chicken, pig, rabbit, cattle and other farms.

Proof of Solutions for Our Wide Range of Products

At present, our industrial sieve has been successfully applied to silicon carbide, alloy powder, molybdenum powder, stainless steel powder, tungsten powder, nickel powder, cobalt powder, powder coatings, butyl ketone powder, maltol, coffee powder, electromagnetic powder, and anode materials , Laser powder and other powder materials.

Case scene

Food & Medicine industry Metal, Metallurgy & Mining
Materials Proportion Mesh Model Processing Method Capacity
(kg/hr IT/hr)
Materials Proportion Mesh Model Processing Method Capacity
(kg/hr IT/hr)
Wheat starch 1 250 DH-1200-1S Wet 3200 IT Graphite 1.2 16/40/80 DH-1000-3S Dry 1400㎏
Flour 0.6 24 DH-1000-1S Dry 1500㎏ Lead powder 11.34 10/80 DH-1000-2S Dry 1000㎏
soy sauce 1 100 DH-1200-1S Wet 6500 IT Iron powder 3 400 DH-800-1S Dry 230㎏
Salt 1.2 30/80 DH-1500-1S Dry 5000㎏ Emery 4 60 DH-1000-1S Dry 300㎏
Medicine powder 0.8 80 DH-800-1S Dry 550㎏ Aluminum powder 0.9/1.2 80/120 DH-800-2S Dry 350㎏
Kiln Industry Pollution Treatment & Other Industries
Materials Proportion Mesh Model Processing Method Capacity
(kg/hr IT/hr)
Materials Proportion Mesh Model Processing Method Capacity
(kg/hr IT/hr)
Spray soil particles 2 10 DH-1000-1S Dry 18000㎏ Waste water 1-1.3 60 DH-1000-1S Wet 15000IT
Mica 0.8 200 DH-800-1S Dry 110㎏ Dyeing and steaming wastewater 1 150 DH-1000-1S Wet 22000IT
Feldspar 2.5 60/100 DH-1000-2S Dry 350㎏ Waste oil 0.9 100 DH-1000-1S Wet 3800IT

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