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If you are thinking about purchasing a sieve from us but would like to check beforehand that it performs the job you need it to. Let us know what product you want to test and/or if there is a particular machine you would like to use for the test.

Dry powder sieving / screening Granule grading / classifying Liquid filtering / Straining Other (short/long distance transport)

Dry powder sieving / screening

Dry powder sieving ensures uniform particle size in powder batches, which is critical for product consistency and quality control, helping to remove oversized or undersized particles, impurities or agglomerates, ensuring that the final product complies with required specifications. This technology is commonly used in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, food processing, chemical manufacturing, cosmetics, etc.

Granule grading / classifying

Particle classification ensures that the particles within a granular material are uniform in size or fall within a specified size range, helping to remove oversized or undersized particles, impurities or irregularly shaped particles, ensuring that the final product meets required specifications.It can be used for various granules such as pharmaceutical granules, plastic granules, quartz sand, etc.

Liquid filtering / Straining

Liquid filtration is primarily used to remove solid particles such as sediment, debris or contaminants from liquids, ensuring clarity and purity. Clarifies liquids by removing fine particles, suspended solids or turbidity, enhancing the visual appearance and quality of liquids. Essential for the production of various products such as beverages, pharmaceutical solutions, cosmetic formulations or chemical solutions to ensure they meet the required purity standards.

Other (short/long distance transport)

Widely used for short and long distance conveying of various types of materials, including granular, powdery or semi-solid substances. It is usually used to process and transport bulk materials, such as grain, cement, coal, minerals, chemicals, food, etc. It can also transport sludge, garbage, etc.

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