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Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen

For ultrafine powder screening, prevent mesh blinding and blocking with ultrasonic system

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Solve screen clogging Accuracy increased by more than 80% Capacity increased by 2 to 5 times

Mesh Size: 10-635 Capacity:1-20t/hLayer:1~5 layers

Material: Stainless steel 304,316L,or Carbon Steel

Voltage: 3 phase, 220V/ 380V/ 415V, 50HZ/60HZ(Customized is available)

Application:Strong adsorption, adhesion, sticky, high static, high density, ultrafine powder, etc.

Customizable: external type/built-in type, gate type, gas protection type

Commitment:Free Shipping/5 Days Delivery/30-Day Returns/Support Customization

Introduction of Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen

Ultrasonic vibrating screen is an additional ultrasonic system on the basis of ordinary vibrating screen,it consists of consisting of a generator and a probe that applies an ultrasonic frequency to a mesh screen,it has been designed to allow for difficult powders to be easily screened on sieve meshes. Not only does this increase the capacity of the product that is sieved but allows for accurate separation down to 20µm (#635mesh)。Screening accuracy can be increased more than 80%, capacity increased by 2 to 5 times.

Ultrasonic vibrating screen is mainly used to screen ultra-fine powder

Ultrasonic vibrating screen also be called as other name in different country, for example, sometimes will also named it as Ultrasonic Sieve; ultrasonic vibro sifter; ultra-sonic vibrating separator and so on.

Note: Our ultrasonic vibrating screen adopts a gate design, and the operator can decide the material screening time by himself.

Function of Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen

1. Ultrafine powder screening: Really solve the screening problems of the characteristics material of strong adsorption, adhesion, sticky, high static, high density, ultrafine powder, etc.

2. Solve the network blockage: convert 220V, 50Hz electric energy into 38KHz high frequency electric energy, input the ultrasonic transducer, and turn it into 38KHz mechanical vibration, so as to achieve the purpose of screening and cleaning the network, making it easy to screen fine powder Increasing the penetration rate and reducing the clogging of the screen.

3. Reduced costs: eliminates mesh damage normally associated with mechanical cleaning devices, increasing mesh life

Ultrasonic vibrating screen can prevent mesh blinding and blocking

Benefits of Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen

Suitable for Ultra-fine Powder

Solved the problem of the sieving of strong adsorption, free huddle, strong stickiness, high static, high density, ultrafine powder, etc.

Not Clog the Mesh

The vibration frequency of the ultrasonic vibrating screen is 360,000 times/minute, which effectively prevents the screen from clogging, and the materials that are difficult to screen hardly block the mesh.

Improve Efficiency

The accuracy of the sieve can be increased by more than 80% and the output is increased by 2-5 times.

Lower Cost

There is no need to add a screen cleaning device, except for the damage of the mesh usually associated with mechanical cleaning equipment, and increase the service life of the mesh.

Working Principle of Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen

Ultrasonic vibrating screen can input 220V, 50Hz or 110V, 60Hz electric energy into the ultrasonic transducer, and turn it into 36KHz mechanical vibration. Ultrasonic vibrating screen can input 220V, 50Hz or 110V, 60Hz electric energy into the ultrasonic transducer, and turn it into 36KHz mechanical vibration. The generated ultrasonic wave makes the screen mesh vibrate at a high frequency. The materials on the screen surface are superimposed with ultrasonic vibration while performing low-frequency rotational vibration, which can not only prevent mesh clogging, but also improve the output and product quality of the screening machine, making the ultrasonic vibrating screen easy to screen ultrafine powder.

ultrasonic vibrating screen principle

Videos of Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen

Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen for Calcium Powder

Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen for Fine Powder

Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen for Bentonite

Comparison of sieving effects between ordinary vibrating screen and ultrasonic vibrating screen

Ultrasonic system can improve screening efficiency by 50%-400%.

Testing materials Ordinary screening machine UItrasonic vibrating screen
Mesh Test results Mesh Test results
φ1000 Silicon carbide 500 Unable to screening 500 1500KG/H
Tungsten powder of cemented carbide 600 No fine powder was sifted out for 15 minutes 600 30KG/H
vitamin c powder 400 1KG/H 400 120-150KG/H
φ500 Pollen 400 No fine powder was sifted out for 15 minutes 400 Screen out 20% in 15 minutes.Fine and effective classification can be carried out in fine workmanship.
Nickel powder,Cobalt powder 325 Screen three times to meet the requirements 400 Screen once to meet the requirements
φ450 Ndfeb powder 300 32.2% residual sieve in 30 minutes 300 6.9%residual sieve in 30 minutes

Parts of the Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen

1、Ultrasonic resonance power supply: 38KHz high-frequency high-power ultrasonic resonance power supply. The built-in microcomputer chip can automatically track the whole digital frequency according to the different states of the ultrasound, without manual adjustment, and the operation is simple and convenient. Long-time working oscillator has low heat output and stable working condition.

2、High-frequency connection line: The ultrasonic oscillator and the ultrasonic resonant power supply are connected by a cable.

3、Connector: Aviation connection plug-in.

4、Oscillator: High-performance ultrasonic conversion device.

5、Ultrasonic grid: It is composed of an outer grid and a resonance ring.

6、Ultrasonic vibrating screen: suitable for 10 mesh to 635 mesh.

structure of ultrasonic vibrating screen

Technical Data of Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen

Model Effective screening diameter Screen mesh size range No of layers Power Online quotation
DHC-400 340 80-600MESH 1-3 LAYERS 0.18KW DHC400
DHC-600 540 80-600MESH 1-3 LAYERS 0.25KW Mode612
DHC-800 730 80-600MESH 1-3 LAYERS 0.55KW DHC800
DHC-1000 900 80-600MESH 1-3 LAYERS 0.75KW DHC1000
DHC-1200 1100 80-600MESH 1-3 LAYERS 1.1KW DHC1200
DHC-1500 1400 80-600MESH 1-3 LAYERS 1.5KW DHC1500
DHC-1800 1700 80-600MESH 1-3 LAYERS 2.2KW DHC1800

Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen Special Customization

Special customization

Special Design Features Photo
Edged type The specially designed flanged type increases the feeding amount, prevents the material from splashing, and is easy to observe the mesh. Picture of edge added ultrasonic vibrating screen
Gate type There is a gate-type design for the treatment of special materials to extend the screening time of difficult-to-screen materials and increase the processing capacity. Picture of gate ultrasonic vibrating screen
Explosion-proof The whole machine has better sealing performance and adopts BZDL explosion-proof vertical vibration motor to meet the higher requirements of special industries. Pictures of explosion-proof ultrasonic vibrating screen
Airtight type Install a gas protection device to ensure that the new material does not touch the air during the screening process and overcome dust pollution Picture of gas shielded ultrasonic vibrating screen

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Application Range of Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen

Ultrasonic vibrating screen is suitable for powdered sugar, starch, salt, soybean milk powder, API intermediates, silicon carbide, brown corundum, white corundum, molybdenum powder, tungsten powder, nickel powder, cobalt powder, stainless steel powder, alloy powder, powder coating, Quartz powder, emery, electromagnetic powder, laser powder, aluminum powder, electrolytic copper powder, grinding powder, refractory material, luminous powder, glass microbeads, rubber additives, etc.

1.Size classification:separation of particles into groups of comparable size from the materials.

2.Gravity filtering:removal of solids from liquids and slurries.

3.Product reclamation:removal of the solids from waste product or clarification of waste liquor for further use.

4.Screening:separation of a few oversize particles from a quantity of materials.

Application Range

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Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen Manufacturer

Dahan Machinery is an ultrasonic vibrating screen manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales. It has been 14 years since our establishment. The manufacturer has obtained ISO9001 and EU CE certification, and has successfully served users in more than 80 countries and regions around the world. Dahan ultrasonic vibrating screen can be made of carbon steel and stainless steel according to the screening materials. The models are complete, and non-standard designs can be customized according to user requirements. The product will be shipped within 24 hours after being assembled, and if there is a performance problem within 30 days after the user signs it, it can be returned for free. It provides 1-year warranty, lifetime maintenance, original supply of product accessories and other services.

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