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Electric Vibrating Sieve

Suitable for any liquid, granular, powder sieving and filtration

CE Certification ISO Certification


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Dry sieve/wet sieve 24 hours continuous work Small footprint

Set sieve specifications: 2M-2800M, etc., can be configured according to the needs

Screen highth: 100MM-150MM

Screen size: within 400 mesh

Capacity: 400-1200kg/h

Voltage: 220 volts /50W, 110V/60H, 380V/50HZ

Vibration frequency: 1150 times / min

Application: flour, paint, ink, color paste, paint, latex paint, aluminum powder, soy milk, juice, beverage, etc.

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Introduction of Electric Vibrating Sieve

Electric vibrating sieve is mainly used for the filtration of small liquids. Usually, there is no upper discharge port. The upper layer of impurities needs to be removed from the sieve frame after a period of time, and the impurities are disposed of by themselves. For example, it is used in the filtration of soybean milk, fruit juice, paint, etc. with small output.

types of electric vibrating sieve

Application of Electric Vibrating Sieve


Electric vibrating sieve is a hi-efficient ,low noise,small valum screen and filtration machine which can be displaced easily. The process capacity of the spray-painting material whose bulk density is 1.1 t can reach 1200 KL/H,when the screen is of 325 mesh.the process capacity of the flour is 700 Kg/H,when the screen is of 30 mesh..To the indoor paint,the process capacity is 1.5 cubic meter per hour with a screen of 250 mesh.

Applicable materials: juice, traditional Chinese medicine oral liquid, pulp, ceramic mud, aluminum and silver paste and other liquid materials.

Benefits of Electric Vibrating Sieve

304 stainless steel

Made of stainless steel (304), it is suitable for any slurry, mucus and powdery materials, which is more conducive to the filtration of liquids.

Continuously working

The impurity coarse material is automatically discharged, and it can work continuously for 24 hours, and the processing capacity per hour can reach 1200kg/h

Waterproof and dustproof

The motor with waterproof grade IP54 + anti-seepage water treatment, the slurry does not leak, the operation is safer, and the damage to the motor caused by liquid can be prevented.

No leakage, no splash

The screen height is designed to prevent the slurry from splashing, and the large observation port makes it easy to observe the screen surface.

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Technical Parameters of Electric Vibrating Sieve

structure of electric vibrating sieve

Type Power
DH-450 0.18 500*500*660 380 50
DH-550 0.35 600*600*650 480 80

Structure of Electric Vibrating Sieve

It is mainly composed of body, hopper, screen, screen frame, discharge port, shock-absorbing spring, vibration motor and other parts.

Vibrating bucket: 304 stainless steel sieve bucket is used, the interior is smooth, and it is not easy to accumulate materials.

Discharge port: large-diameter discharge channel, rapid discharge and large processing capacity.

Screen: It can be screened to 400 mesh, and the mesh is not easy to be blocked.

Screen frame: heightened design to prevent material from splashing.

Chassis: It adopts a closed design to prevent dust and liquid from entering the interior and causing damage to the machine.

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Materials Mesh Capacity
Spray paint 325 1200 l/h
Flour 30 700 kg/h
Juice 40-80 6-10 l/h
Soy milk 100-200 1200 kg/h
Pigment 100-200 500 kg/h

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