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Material Test

If you are not sure whether your material meets our separator, we also provide options for material testing support. Help you to see the screening effect comprehensively and intuitively, and increase your chances of choosing Dahan machinery.

The materials we support for testing include:

Powder: easy to electrostatic, light weight, easy to clump, adsorbability.

Particles: De-impurity and dedusting, multi-layer classification, less oil-bearing particles.

Liquids: Mucus, liquid containing solid impurities that need to be filtered, objects that need to be dehydrated, water content classification requirements.

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After-sale Service

DAHAN Machinery will keep in touch with you. One-stop service, keep in touch with tracking your production status, to solve your worries. Improve the friendly after-sales system, including free return and exchange, upgrade products. The warranty period helps you solve the quality questions. Our technicians, at any time for you to answer the problems encountered in the production. Your separator experience is what we have been focusing on. Word of mouth is our basic requirement. We will be very mindful of reputation damage and strictly ensure that the use of our users is of quality level. Because Dahan Machinery is working hard to polish products, to serve customers, and the number of repeated purchases is constantly increasing. I hope you will be a part of our service.

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