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The screening machine used in the chemical industry is a special, high-viscosity, fine-grained material screening and filtering equipment. Mainly used for screening various chemical materials, fine powder, micro powder, dry and wet materials, etc., suitable for acidic, alkaline, oily and other chemical production.

In terms of materials, in addition to common stainless steel and carbon steel materials, plastic pp materials are also very common.


Industry Standard:

1. The contact part with the material is made of plastic material, which is corrosion resistant, strong acid and alkali;

2. High screening accuracy, capable of screening powdery materials and particles within 500 meshes;

3. Continuous production, automatic classification and screening, single-layer or multi-layer use;

4. Good airtightness, no powder flying, no liquid leakage;

5. The unique grid design can effectively shorten the time of screen changing, solve the problem of mesh blockage and depression, easy to clean and simple to operate.

Practical Application

Material Mesh Method Processing Capacity
Pesticide 500 mesh Wet 500 Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen
Fertilizer 4-10 mm Dry 3000 Linear Vibrating Screen
Urea 40-60 mesh 5500
Wheat 8 mm 80000
Sesame 3 mm 400
Peanut 0.5 mm 500
Soybeans 130 mesh 4000


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