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Bucket Elavator for Sand

The bucket elevator mainly lifts sand. The total height of the equipment is 34 meters, and the output is 70 tons per hour.


Bucket elavator for sand is designed to be about 34 meters above the ground.


Dahan’s technical experts recommend installing NE series plate chain bucket elevator. The advantages are as follows:

1. This series of bucket elevators is the one with the largest conveying capacity of similar structural dimensions among similar hoists in China, and the lifting capacity is 50m3/h~800m3/h.

2. Adopt inflow feeding, induced unloading, and intensive arrangement of large-capacity hoppers. There is almost no material return and digging phenomenon during material lifting, so the ineffective power is reduced, and the power is 30% less than other bucket elevators.

3. Using a plate chain type high-strength chain, the lifting height can reach 60 meters under the rated conveying capacity.


Bucket elevator parameters: lifting height of 31 meters, plate thickness of 4mm, motor power of 22KW, 224 hard surface reducer, equipment installed in the middle of the building, the installation period of 10 days. The installation has now been completed. The test machine runs normally.

After using the machine for almost 6 months the Production Head had word with Sales Engineer&he said

"It has been more than half a year since it was put into operation. At present, the operation index of the equipment has been stable, and the output and power consumption have reached the preset requirements."

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