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Test Sieve

Used in the laboratory to analyze the particle size structure of granular and powdery materials

ISO 9001:2015 Certified


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High temperature resistance Non-magnetic 8 layers can be installed

Frame diameter:500/400/300/200/120/80/75mm, or others as your requirements.

Surface type: Woven Wire Mesh/Perforated Plate/Electroforming Mesh

Aperture sizes: 0.02-2.36mm

Hole shape: Square/Round

Material:Stainless steel304/Brass/Chromeplate

Commitment:Free Shipping/5 Days Delivery/30-Day Returns/Support Customization

What Is a Test Sieve?

Test sieve is also called a standard sieve, a standard test sieve, a laboratory vibrating sieve, a sample sieve, a inspection sieve, a standard analysis sieve, etc. The standard test sieve is a tool for particle size classification and particle size detection of the material particles. It is mainly used for the inspection, filtration and detection of the granular structure of granular and powdery materials, the content of liquid solids and the amount of impurities in various laboratories, laboratories, product screening, screening, grading and other inspection departments.

Test sieve usually consists of screen frame, screen mesh, vibrator and base. Test sieve can select different specifications of screen mesh according to needs to achieve screening of different particle sizes. During use, materials are placed on the screen, and through a vibrator or rotating action, the particles pass or are filtered out according to size. Its precise screening performance and reliability make it an indispensable tool in particle analysis and experimental research.

Types of Test Sieves

Test sieve pictures Woven mesh test sieve chart Perforated plate test sieve chart Electroforming test sieve chart
Woven mesh test sieve Perforated plate test sieve Electroforming test sieve
Test sieve surface Woven mesh close-up Perforated plate close-up Electroforming close-up
diameter 75mm/200mm/300mm 200mm/300mm 75mm
Mesh size 2.36mm-0.038mm ≥3mm 500mm-5μm
Material Stainless steel/brass/tin bronze Red copper Stainless steel
standard SO3310-2:1990 R20/3、R20、R40/3 SO3310-2:1990 R20/3、R20、R40/3 SO3310-2:1990 R20/3、R20、R40/3
Feature Low cost, wide application range, light weight, durable The most wear-resistant, suitable for materials with high density, large impact on the screen surface, and irregular shapes The highest accuracy, used in high-precision laboratory scenarios

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Benefits of Test Sieve

< span>Stainless steel material

The test sieve frame, sieve cover, and sieve bottom are made of high-quality stainless steel, which will never rust, non-magnetic, and have precise coordination and will not leak materials or water.

High screening accuracy

The sieve mesh is the standard aperture, with high precision, and the sieving particle size can reach 0.025mm~3mm.

High temperature resistance

The screen and the screen frame are connected by welding, which can withstand a high temperature of 400°, and can be used for inorganic and organic solutions.

Good interchangeability

All standard screens have good interchangeability and consistency. The platform does not need to be fixed for operation. Multi-layer screens can be installed, up to 8 layers.

Working Principle of Test Sieve

Test sieve uses the YZU vertical vibration motor as the vibration source of the whole machine. The vibration motor drives the upper vibrating plate to vibrate, and then transmits it through the vibrating plate to the screen frame on the upper part of the vibrating plate. The material particles with the sieve aperture are sieved to the lower screen frame, so that only the same particle size materials are left in each screen frame to achieve the separation of different particle sizes and determine the particle size composition of the material to make the material in the screen frame It can be very effective for filtering, grading and sieving purposes.

Components of Test Sieve

components of test sieve

Mesh/Screen: The mesh is the most technical part of a test sieve. The most commonly used type of mesh is stainless steel woven wire mesh. This comes in opening sizes 4" (100mm) to 635 mesh (20um).

For more a more in-depth explanation, refer to our article: How to Pick the Right Woven Wire Mesh (Mesh Count, Wire Diameter, and Micron Rating).

Frame: The frame is the round metal circle that holds the mesh in place. The standard frame sizes in the U.S. are 3 inch, 8 inch, and 12 inch. Internationally, 100mm, 200mm, and 300mm are the standard sizes. Sieve frames can be made of stainless steel or brass.

Skirt: The main function of the skirt is to allow the sieves to be stacked without toppling over.

Test Sieve Specifications

test sieve sizes

You can also choose the machine according to your requirements, refer to this parameter: Note: The voltage and power in the table can be customized according to your requirements to suit your machine's working environment.

NO. Name Unit Parameter
1 frame diameter mm φ200
2 the number of layer s 1~8
3 sieve size mm 0.025-3
4 vibrating amplitube mm 1~4
5 vibration frequency n/min 1440
6 power supply V;HZ;KW 220;50;0.12
7 outside dimension LWH 350*350*(300+n*56)
8 machine weight kg 36
9 time alarm s 999
10 noise db Less than 50

Conversion Table of Test Sieve Mesh and Aperture

No. Type Mesh(mm) No. Type Mesh(mm)
1 8# 2.360 15 70# 0.212
2 10# 2.000 16 80# 0.180
3 12# 1.700 17 100# 0.150
4 14# 1.400 18 120# 0.125
5 16# 1.180 19 140# 0.106
6 18# 1.000 20 170# 0.09
7 20# 0.850 21 200# 0.075
8 25# 0.710 22 230# 0.063
9 30# 0.600 23 270# 0.053
10 35# 0.500 24 325# 0.045
11 40# 0.425 25 400# 0.038
12 45# 0.355 26 500# 0.028
13 50# 0.300 27 >500# <0.028
14 60# 0.250

test sieve mesh

Application of Test Sieve

test sieve application

Test sieves are widely used in abrasives, geology, metallurgy, pharmacopoeia, laboratories, scientific research institutions and industrial production.

In the laboratory, test sieves are used for screening, classifying and separating granular materials to help researchers analyze particle composition and properties.

In scientific research institutions, test sieves can be used for the research and analysis of granular materials to support scientific experiments and data collection.

In industrial production, test sieves are often used for raw material screening, product quality control and process improvement to ensure the qualification and stability of granular materials during the production process.

Test sieves can also be used in food processing, chemical industry, building materials, medicine and other industries for screening and testing of granular materials to ensure product quality and production efficiency.

Test Sieve Transaction Case

2021/2/25 Φ200*50*500um test sieve 1 Shandong ** Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
2021/2/22 1 piece of 600 nylon screen; 1 piece of 50 mesh nylon screen Fujian ** New Material Technology Co., Ltd.
2021/2/25 200 diameter sieve test 4 Guangzhou **** Instrument Co., Ltd.
2021/2/23 200 diameter sieve test aperture 4mm (square hole) one iamen*** Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.
22021/1/22 DH-300T test sieve machine + 4 200-mouth sieves + upper cover Kate Guangzhou ** Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd.
2020/11/10 Diameter 200mm test (30 mesh, 35 mesh, 40 mesh, 25 mesh, 60 mesh) each one, 100 sets of cover mesh Zhengzhou *Shi Superhard Material Co., Ltd.
2020/11/24 1 DH-300T test sieve machine Changsha ** Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
2020/11/18 20 pieces of 2.5*3cm test screen Shanghai University
2020/12/26 Ultrasonic system + 2 sets 200 diameter test sieve North China University of Water Conservancy and Hydropower
2020/8/17 One electromagnetic testing sieve machine (DC-200), one testing sieve with a diameter of 200mm (20 mesh, 40 mesh, 80, 1000 mesh, 120 mesh, 150 mesh, 180 mesh) each, top cover Hubei ** High-tech Material Technology Co., Ltd.
2020/8/29 Φ200 sieve test 4 (20, 30, 50, 80 mesh) Hebei ** Glass Bead Co., Ltd.
2020/4/13 1 test sieve with test report Linyi ** Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.
2020/5/9 200 test sieve machine and test sieve Henan ** Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
2020/5/25 14 nylon test sieves Xiamen*** Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
2020/5/22 Φ200*50*200 mesh test sieve*50 Urumqi ** Scientific Equipment Co., Ltd.
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