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Types of Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen

The ultrasonic vibrating screen adopts automatic scanning of the local vibration frequency of the transducer, dynamic adjustment of the frequency of the vibration source, and PID control algorithm, which is fast and accurate, and can improve the production volume.

Types of Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen

1. External ultrasonic vibrating screen

It is generally installed outside the screen frame of the ultrasonic vibrating screen, and will not have direct contact with the material during the screening process, which can effectively ensure the service life of the ultrasonic transducer, and the installation and maintenance will be relatively simple and fast.

Advantages: Because it is installed outside the screen frame, it will not have direct contact with the material, which can effectively improve the screening efficiency, and can screen the materials with strong conductivity and corrosiveness that cannot be screened by the internal displacement transducer.

Disadvantage: high cost

External ultrasonic vibrating screen

2. Built-in ultrasonic vibrating screen

Generally, it is directly fixed in the middle of the ultrasonic vibrating screen frame, and there will be parts in contact with the screening materials during use. Therefore, when screening some conductive and corrosive materials, it will affect the service life and also affect the transducer. The output frequency has an impact, thereby reducing the screening accuracy and yield. But the price is much cheaper than external transducers.

Advantage: low cost

Disadvantages: It is not suitable to screen materials with strong conductivity and corrosiveness.

Ultrasonic vibrating screen transducer

Different applicable materials

Built-in ultrasonic vibrating screen

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