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Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen for Ultrafine Powder

Due to the characteristics of some materials, static electricity is easily generated due to the friction between the material and the screen during the screening process, and the static electricity will make the material agglomerate and not easy to get off the screen, which causes the problem of screening. The ultrasonic vibrating screen adopts advanced ultrasonic screening technology, which can successfully solve the screening problems such as high static electricity and easy clumping, and can greatly improve the screening efficiency. Ultrasonic vibrating screen can be said to be a vibrating screen with electrostatic materials that are easy to hold together!

Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen for Ultrafine Powder

Which materials can be screened by ultrasonic vibrating screen?

Material Proportion Mesh Processing method Capacity
(kg/hr IT/hr)
Wheat flour 1 250 Wet 3200 IT
Flour 0.6 24 Dry 1500㎏
Rice flour 0.5 0.8 100 300 ㎏
Pollen 0.4 12 100㎏
Skimmed milk powder 0.57-0.7 24 3000㎏
Whole milk powder 0.57-0.8 12 1600㎏
Sugar powder 0.5-0.8 100 200㎏
Corn starch 0.6 40 1600㎏
Medicine powder 0.8 80 550㎏
Polyethylene powder 0.45 48/100 100㎏
Lead powder 11.34 10/80 1000㎏
Copper powder 2 100 70㎏
Iron powder 3 400 230㎏
Aluminum powder 0.9/1.2 80/120 350㎏

Ultrasonic vibrating screen can sieve the common dry powder particle size to 600 mesh (25μm). Such as traditional Chinese medicine powder, alumina, malt powder, cobalt powder, emery, quartz powder, alloy powder, tungsten powder, nickel powder, pigments and other materials with different dry humidity The comparison table of mesh number and processing capacity, so that users can refer to the selection of screening machines in the future:

Ultrasonic vibrating screen application materials

Ultrasonic vibrating screen is suitable for sieving of 20~300μm meshes. The effect of difficult-to-screen materials is particularly significant. The production capacity can be increased by 10 times. It can also prevent the mesh of 50~625mesh from clogging, accelerate the melting and separation of agglomerates, and then increase the sieving. Capacity, reduce the presence of large size sieves, and easily separate fine particles of adjacent diameters.

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