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The Advantages And Application of Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen

Since some ordinary vibrating screen equipment can only screen particles below 200 mesh, and for 200-600 mesh material particles, it is necessary to use a vibrating screen with a higher vibration frequency for screening, so the ultrasonic transducer can be used from 20KHZ. Raised to 60KHZ, it has a good screening effect for some tiny particles.

The ultrasonic vibrating screen adopts automatic scanning of the local vibration frequency of the transducer, dynamic adjustment of the frequency of the vibration source, and PID control algorithm, which is fast and accurate, and can improve the production volume.

The Advantages And Application of Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen

Advantages of Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen

1. Improve screening efficiency and net cleaning efficiency

The ultrasonic screening and cleaning system can be combined with various types of circular vibrating screening machines, so that the screen is subjected to low-frequency vibration and superimposed high-frequency ultrasonic vibration, so that the large particles on the screen are suspended, and the ultra-fine powder is subjected to huge ultrasonic vibrations. Acceleration, thereby inhibiting the blocking factors such as adhesion, friction, leveling, wedging, etc., and improving the screening efficiency and net cleaning efficiency.

2. Solve the screening of characteristic materials

It really solves the screening problems of materials with strong adsorption, high static electricity, easy clumping, strong viscosity, high density, ultra-fine powder and other characteristics;

3. It can improve the screening accuracy and output

The ultrasonic vibrating screen adopts the ultrasonic transducer for screening, which can improve the screening accuracy of the ordinary vibrating screen by more than 80%, and the output is increased by 2 to 5 times of the ordinary vibrating screen;

4. Eliminate conventional screening methods

The ultrasonic vibrating screen eliminates the conventional vibrating screening method by means of the ultrasonic device system, which greatly reduces the pollution and wear caused by the powder, and reduces the noise of the screen machine to a great extent;

5. Reduce the number of repeated screening

The ultrasonic vibrating screen has a self-cleaning function, which can keep the mesh size from being damaged, so it can stabilize the screening accuracy and reduce the number of repeated screenings.

Application of Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen

The ultrasonic vibrating screen improves the sliding effect of the low-density powder in the gravity settling (light contact between the powder and the mesh port), improves the retention or wedging of the high-density metal at the mesh port, and improves the adhesion effect of the electrostatic powder, thereby Improve screening efficiency and screening quality. Expressed by the screening pass rate, the pass rate is generally increased by 50%-400% compared with ordinary vibrating screens.

For the introduction of the advantages and applications of the above ultrasonic vibrating screen, for more detailed information, please contact Dahan Machinery.

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