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Ultrasonic Vibro Sifter

carry out ultrafine powder screening, prevent mesh clogging and clogging by ultrasonic system

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Name: Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen

Function: carry out ultrafine powder screening, prevent mesh clogging and clogging by ultrasonic system

Model: DHC-400/600/800/1000/1200/1500/1800/2000

Layers: 1~5 Processing capacity: 0.5~20t/h

Application: silicon carbide, alloy tungsten powder, vitamin powder, pollen, nickel powder, etc.

Customized:edge type, gate type, gas protection type, explosion-proof type, external/internal transducer

Core Advantage

Ultrasonic vibrating screen VS ordinary vibrating screen - sieving "flour"

Ultrafine Powder Screening

The ultrasonic system solves the problem of ultrafine powder screening with strong adsorption, static electricity, strong viscosity and high density.

Higher Yield

Compared with ordinary vibrating screen, the screening accuracy is increased by 1-70%, and the output can be increased by 0.5-10 times.

Do Not Block The Network

The vibration frequency is 36,000 times/min, high frequency and low amplitude, the material is easier to penetrate the net and can shatter the agglomerated material.

Clean And Hygienic

Fully enclosed stainless steel body design to avoid powder flying.

Compared with ordinary vibrating screen, ultrasonic vibrating screen is more capable:

Model Ordinary screening machine Ultrasonic vibrating screen Test Results
Test material Mesh Test material Mesh
Φ1000 Silicon carbide 500 Can't screen points 500 1500kg/h
Tungsten carbide powder 600 No fine powder was screened out for 15 minutes 600 30kg/h
Vitamin C Powder 400 1kg/h 100 120-150kg/h
Φ500 Pollen 400 No fine powder was screened out for 15 minutes 400 Screening out 20% fine powder in 15 minutes can be more fine and more effective grading
Nickel powder, Cobalt powder 325 There was a 32.2% sieve residue at 30 min 400 Screening meets the requirements once
Φ450 NdFeB powder 300 The screen meets the requirements for three times 300 There was a 6.9% sieve residue at 30 min

Principle and Structure

The ultrasonic vibrating screen converts 220V, 50Hz or 110V, 60Hz electrical energy into 36KHz mechanical vibration through the transducer, and the vibration is evenly transmitted from the resonance ring to the screen surface, and the vibration of rotation, inclination and jump formed by the excitation force of the upright motor. The three-dimensional motion is combined to carry out the screening work together, which can efficiently screen and prevent the mesh from being blocked.

Feed Inlet-Dust Cover-Screen Frame-Screen-Discharge Port: cooperate to screen materials;


Ultrasonic Power Source-Transducer-grid: the key structure, which generates ultrasonic mechanical energy. It can automatically track the full digital frequency according to the different states of ultrasound, without manual adjustment, and the operation is simple and convenient.

The mesh frame is designed with sticky mesh, which is more firm and solves the problem that the mesh diameter of the ultrasonic rotary vibrating screen is too small and easily damaged.


Motor - Heavy Hammer: power source.


Model and Custom

Model Screen Diameter
Sieving Area
Screen Size
Layers Power
DHC-400 340 0.091 80-600 1~3 0.18
DHC-600 540 0.229 0.25
DHC-800 730 0.418 0.55
DHC-1000 900 0.636 0.75
DHC-1200 1100 0.95 1.1
DHC-1500 1400 1.539 1.5
DHC-1800 1700 2.269 2.2
DHC-2000 1886 2.792 2.2
Picture of edged ultrasonic vibrating screen Flanged ultrasonic vibrating screen: the feeding port adopts flange design to increase the feeding amount, reduce the powder ejection, and facilitate the observation of the screening situation
Gate type ultrasonic vibrating screen picture Gate type ultrasonic vibrating screen: a gate is designed at the discharge port, which can prolong the material screening time and improve the fineness of material screening by closing the gate.
Picture of explosion-proof ultrasonic vibrating screen Explosion-proof ultrasonic vibrating screen: fully sealed screen box, using explosion-proof motor, suitable for screening of fine materials that are prone to static electricity and flying powder
Ultrasonic gas protection vibrating screen Ultrasonic gas protection vibrating screen: install gas protection device to ensure that the material does not contact the air during the screening process and overcome dust pollution

User Case

2 sets of DH-1200-1S ultrasonic vibrating screen Hunan ** Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
DHC-800-1S ultrasonic vibrating screen Tongbai ** New Materials Co., Ltd.
DHC-600-1S Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen Guilin ** Nano Materials Co., Ltd.
1000mm ultrasonic vibrating screen Chenguang Biotechnology Group** Co., Ltd.
DHC-600-1S ultrasonic vibrating screen 1 set Xiamen ** Technology Co., Ltd.
400 Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen Wuhan *** Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
DHC-1000-1S Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen Chenguang Biotechnology Group** Co., Ltd.
2 sets of DHC-400-2S ultrasonic vibrating screen Beijing **** Technology Co., Ltd.

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