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Standard Test Sieve For Chinese Herbal Medicine


【Customer order form】Model 200 standard test sieve

Equipment name: 200 type standard test sieve

Quantity: 1 set

Packing: wooden box (not recycled)

Instruction: 1 copy

Invoice: sent by EMS

Nanjing Pharmaceutical Company purchased a 200-type standard test sieve from Dahan Machinery, which is used for the size classification of tablet particles. The standard test sieve has been manufactured in accordance with the technical agreement signed by us, and has been tested by technicians many times, and the product has been qualified!

Customer feedback

Dahan's standard test sieve is indeed more convenient and durable than the previous standard test sieve! This equipment is clean and labor-saving in the screening of tablets, which reduces labor costs for our company. Of course, the main reason is that the price has not changed, and the performance and quality have been improved! This makes our leaders very satisfied! Looking forward to the next cooperation!

Thursday June-27 2024  10:54:24
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