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Which Manufacturer's Test Sieve Is Better?

The test sieve is a standard test sieve that integrates powder grading and liquid filtration. It is a relatively common laboratory screening equipment. For the test sieve, I recommends Xinxiang Dahan Machinery.

First, the quality has standards

The reason why the quality of the Dahan test sieve is good is not the boast of the manufacturer. The quality of our test sieve can stand the test of the market. Because it persists, it is persistent, because it is persistent, so it is excellent.

The manufacturer attaches great importance to: a complete set of sophisticated testing equipment, complete after-sales service and a group of high-quality professional technical personnel and management mode, and establish a modern enterprise management system and quality assurance system that adapts to the actual situation of the factory. The company has built experimental sites and perfect testing systems to carry out physical and mechanical performance tests on the series of products produced, so that the equipment customized by users has no trouble in quality and guarantee the system.

International recognition: The screening machine produced by Xinxiang Dahan Machinery Manufacturer has ISO9001 international quality system certification, and EU CE double certification. Dahan manufacturers will have a quality inspection department to verify the production of the screen machine. If the quality is unqualified, it will be returned to the factory for redo.

Second, production is guaranteed

Production efficiency is the embodiment of the value of a piece of equipment. If production is not guaranteed, everything is in vain.

Superior performance: The test sieve produced by Xinxiang Dahan manufacturer is made of SUS304 stainless steel and can be polished to a temperature below 300 °C.

Efficient operation: the mesh size of the test sieve mesh can be up to 0.02 mm (20 μm). The mesh size of the triangular hole can be up to 0.005 mm (5 μm), the screening is accurate, and it can also be used with the slap screen, the top screen, and the standard. It can be installed with up to 8 layers, equipped with a timer, and can be shut down regularly to ensure the consistency of each production or test.

Third, the model is complete, can be customized

The more complete the model, the larger the range of yields it can screen, and the more choices users have.

Conventional model: Xinxiang Dahan test sieve mesh size is as large as 13mm, as small as 0.03mm, which can meet the needs of most users.

Customized models: In addition to the experimental screens under the regular models, our manufacturers can also support customization, allowing users to choose the points they need, so that users can purchase satisfactory products.

Fourth, the price is low, cost-effective

The price has always been a matter of confusion for users. Xinxiang Dahan experimental sieve factory direct sales, the price is cheap.

Excellent location: Dahan factory is located in Xinxiang City, with convenient transportation and low transportation cost. In addition, Xinxiang City has low price and low labor cost. Therefore, the cost of producing the test sieve is relatively low, and the price of the experimental sieve is more reasonable.

Factory direct sales: a variety of manufacturers and distributors on the market for the price of the experimental sieve, Dahan mechanical vibrating screen sold in the factory direct sales model, price concessions, never used agent dealers, no price difference, consumers Can be assured to buy, Dahan machinery products are very cost-effective, all vibrating screen accessories are produced by themselves, do not need to purchase, and thus other manufacturers to raise prices, resulting in product prices.

Dahan manufacturers will be happy to serve you, welcome to contact us at any time!

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