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How to Buy Laboratory Test Sieves

Laboratory test sieves is a kind of screening equipment in the laboratory, so how to choose a test sieve? This article will mainly introduce the key points of the selection of test sieve:

How to Buy Laboratory Test Sieves

1. Purpose of Screening

If you are buying for a laboratory, the requirements are generally strict, the mesh is accurate and has been inspected by professional testing equipment, and meets the national standard GBT6003-1997 or the international standard ISO3310-1: 1990 standard sieve.

If you are used in the factory for internal testing (the products are not exported), you can buy our sample sieve. The main difference between a standard sieve and a sample sieve is whether the meshes meet national standards.

2.A few points that need to be provided at the time of purchase

1. What standards need to be provided. (Example: I need a standard sieve that meets the national standard GBT6003-1997)

2. Provide mesh size and wire diameter requirements. The test sieve can be purchased according to the aperture and the number of meshes, and the aperture of the test sieve used is different according to the purpose.

3. Detect the name of the material. Before purchasing laboratory test sieves, explain the screening materials. The manufacturer will select the appropriate laboratory test sieves materials and related configurations according to the characteristics of the materials screened by users. All parts of Dahan laboratory test sieves are refined and processed from high-quality SUS304 stainless steel. In the national standard, the test sieve 120# and above are woven with copper, if you need stainless steel, please specify.

4. Square hole screen or round hole screen. For cylindrical particles, the square hole sieve has better passing performance; for irregular particles, the round hole sieve has better passing performance.

3.National standards

Laboratory test sieves, as a type of vibrating screen with strict accuracy requirements in screening equipment, must be selected when purchasing a national standard, which is used for vibrating screens under the national unified specification. This is what you should pay attention to when purchasing laboratory test sieves.

The above are the key points for purchasing laboratory test sieves. If you have any questions about the test sieves, please feel free to contact us.

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