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200mm Test Sieve Shaker

Introduction of 200mm Test Sieve Shaker

200mm Test Sieve Shaker

200mm test sieve shaker a test sieve fitted with a 200mm diameter that provides everything you need to quickly determine quantitative particle size distribution in the laboratory and is the ideal solution for sieving samples up to 2kg and measuring ranges from 5µm to 63mm.

types of 200mm test sieve shaker

200mm test sieve shaker is a test sieve that integrates powder particle classification and liquid filtration. It is suitable for precise analysis of particle size and structure of particles and powder materials in laboratories and quality inspection rooms, as well as detection of liquid-solid content and debris amount. analyze. Electronic time delay, can be set according to the need for the same material equal sieving time, to ensure the uniformity of the sample analysis data, to reduce the inspection error to a very low degree, so that product quality data is accurate.

Screen Material of 200mm Test Sieve Shaker

types of 200mm test sieve

1. Metal woven mesh sieve: widely used, the mesh shape is square hole, cheap, wide application, light and durable, mesh size: 0.02mm~2.36mm

2. Metal perforated plate mesh sieve: It is a test screen that is directly punched into a fixed shape and size of screen holes on a steel plate or other screen material. This type of screen is mostly square or round, which is safe and firm. It is suitable for materials with high density, large impact on the screen surface and irregular shape, mesh size: 1mm~125mm.

3. Electroforming mesh sieve: produced by electrochemical method, with the highest precision (can reach one micron), but the cost is high, only used in some high-precision laboratories, mesh size: 5μm ~ 500μm.

Working Principle of 200mm Test Sieve Shaker

Working Principle

The YZU vertical vibration motor is used as the vibration source of the whole machine. The upper vibration plate is driven by the vibration motor to vibrate, and then transmitted through the vibration plate to the Φ200 sieve frame placed on the upper part of the vibration plate. The material particles with the mesh aperture are sieved to the lower sieve frame, so that only the same particle size materials are left in each test sieve to achieve the separation of different particle sizes and determine the particle size composition of this material, so that the Φ200 type sieve frame The materials can be very effective for filtering, grading and screening purposes.

Technical Parameters of 200mm Test Sieve Shaker

NO. Name Unit Parameter
1 frame diameter mm φ200
2 the number of layer s 1~8
3 sieve size mm 0.025-3
4 vibrating amplitube mm 1~4
5 vibration frequency n/min 1440
6 power supply V;HZ;KW 220;50;0.12
7 outside dimension LWH 350*350*(300+n*56)
8 machine weight kg 36
9 time alarm s 999
10 noise db Less than 50

Benefits of 200mm Test Sieve Shaker


1. The diameter is 200mm, the mesh size is 500μm-5μm, and the sieve can be 0.025~3mm

2. The screen is produced in strict accordance with the GB6003.1-1997 standard, with a wall thickness of 0.6 mm, which is sturdy and durable.

3. Made of SUS304 stainless steel, not easy to rust, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and long service life.

4. The sieves of the same diameter can be stacked and used to precisely separate 2-7 particle segments at the same time.

5. You can set the screening time by yourself and automatically shut down. The time is adjustable from 1s to 99h to ensure the repeatability and consistency of the experiment.


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Mesh Bumber And Aperture Comparison Table

Mesh number
Aperture Mesh number
Aperture Mesh number
Aperture Mesh number
5 4mm 40 0.45mm 180 88μm 325 34μm
6 3.2mm 50 0.355mm 190 80μm 360 40μm
8 2.5mm 60 0.3mm 200 76μm 400 38.5μm
10 2mm 70 0.25mm 220 70μm 500 30.8μm
12 1.6mm 80 0.2mm 240 65μm 600 25μm
14 1.43mm 100 0.15mm 250 63μm 800 15μm
16 1.25mm 120 0.125mm 260 57μm 900 10μm
18 1mm 140 0.105mm 280 55μm 1000 8μm
20 0.9mm 150 0.1mm 300 50μm 1200 5μm
30 0.6mm 160 97μm 320 48μm Bottom cover Nonporous

mesh size

Structure of 200mm Test Sieve Shaker

The 200mm test sieve shaker is composed of fixed brass nuts, pressure plate, sieve cover, sieve frame, middle sieve frame, sieve bottom, equidistant adjustment rod, etc. All parts are made of high quality SUS304 stainless steel. The inter-matching is flexible and the interchangeability is high.

Screen frame: 200mm diameter (100mm, 300mm, 400mm optional), stainless steel 304 or 316L material, fine mesh.

Clamping Device: Adopts long screw, black nut, and clamping plate to fix screen frame, prevent loss of the screen frame.

Digital panel: See exactly how long your machine is running.

Timer: 0-99 minutes timing function, which can control the screening time.

parts of 200mm test sieve shaker

Application of 200mm Test Sieve Shaker


The 200mm test sieve shaker is mainly used for the detection of particle size analysis of granular materials. It is widely used in the screening and detection of granular materials in the abrasive, geological, metallurgical, pharmacopoeia, chemical building materials and other industries. It can be used with a test sieve.

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