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What are the disadvantages of a sieve shaker?

Sieve Shaker is a kind of mechanical equipment widely used in mining, building materials, chemical industry and other industries. It can separate different materials according to their particle size to achieve accurate classification and filtration. However, the sieving machine also has some disadvantages. Let us take a look at the disadvantages of the sieving machine.

1. The sieve hole is easy to be blocked

A major disadvantage of the screening machine is that its sieve holes are easily blocked by materials, especially when the sieve holes are small. Once the sieve hole is blocked, it will affect the screening effect, reduce the output or even shut down, and affect the production efficiency.

2. Accuracy is affected

With the prolongation of the working time, the accuracy of the sieve hole of the sieving machine will gradually decrease, which will eventually affect the screening accuracy. After a certain width error is generated by the wear of the sieve hole, it will cause an error in the beneficiation, which will cause a decrease in the recovery rate of the material.

3. High maintenance cost

The maintenance cost of the screening machine is high, and accessories such as screens and filters need to be replaced continuously during use, which will increase the operating costs of the enterprise.

4. Loud noise

The sieving machine produces a lot of noise when it is working, especially in the case of continuous operation. This will generate a certain degree of noise pollution, which will have an impact on the physical and mental health of workers, and will also easily affect the noise indicators of the surrounding environment of the enterprise.

5. High energy consumption

The work of the screening machine needs to consume a lot of electric energy and heat energy, which will increase the operating cost of the enterprise and easily cause a certain degree of pollution to the environment.

In short, there are some shortcomings in the working of the screening machine, especially in the production process, problems such as the blockage of the screen hole, the decrease of precision, the increase of maintenance cost, the generation of noise and the high energy consumption are all manifested. Therefore, in the process of using the screening machine, it is necessary to improve its work efficiency and reliability by improving the structural design, selecting better materials and reducing the work intensity, so as to better serve the needs of production enterprises.

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