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Sieve Shaker Machine

For inspection of your product, ideal for screening incoming materials and final production inspection of finished powders

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500 mesh fine sieve 5 stages of separation Not blocked

Diameter: 400mm(15"), 600mm(24"), 800mm(31"), 1000mm(39"), 1200mm(47"), 1500mm(59"), 1800mm(70"), 2000mm(78")

Mesh size: 2-500 mesh

Capacity: 100-3300kg/h

Screen frame: 1-5 layers (3 layers is best)

Material: Q235 carbon steel, stainless steel 304 or 316L, polypropylene plastic

Power: 0.18-2.22KW

Application:Starch, traditional Chinese medicine powder, peanut, sesame, wheat, mature vinegar, soybean milk, fruit juice, animal fat, etc.

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What is sieve shaker machine?

Sieve shaker machine is used in the laboratory to analyze the particle size structure of granular and powdery materials. It is widely used in laboratory sampling and testing. It can accurately separate 2-8 particle segments from a granular material at the same time. It can also be used to analyze slurry Fineness and impurity content. The working time of the laboratory test sieve is controllable and the machine stops automatically, which ensures the repeatability of the test, comprehensive functions and convenient operation.

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What is the advantage of sieve shaker machine?


1. Accurate screening, capable of screening 0.025~3mm.

2. There are many grades of materials, and 8 particle segments can be accurately separated at the same time.

3. The sieving time can be set by oneself, and the machine will shut down automatically. The time is adjustable from 1s to 99h to ensure the repeatability and consistency of the experiment.

4. Polished stainless steel material, resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, resistant to high temperatures below 300 ℃, non-magnetic, and not easy to rust.

5. Small size, light weight and easy to move.

6. Platform operation, no need to fix.

Working Principle of Sieve Shaker Machine

Working Principle

Sieve shaker machine uses YZU vertical vibration motor as the vibration source of the whole machine. The vibration motor drives the upper vibrating plate to vibrate, and then transmits the vibration through the vibrating plate to the screen frame on the upper part of the vibrating plate. The material particles smaller than the aperture of the screen are sieved to the lower screen frame, so that only materials of the same particle size are left in each screen frame to achieve the separation of different particle sizes and determine the particle size composition of the material, so that the size of the material in the screen frame The materials can be very effective for filtering, grading and screening purposes.

Technical Parameters of Sieve Shaker Machine

No. Type Mesh(mm) No. Type Mesh(mm)
1 8# 2.360 15 70# 0.212
2 10# 2.000 16 80# 0.180
3 12# 1.700 17 100# 0.150
4 14# 1.400 18 120# 0.125
5 16# 1.180 19 140# 0.106
6 18# 1.000 20 170# 0.09
7 20# 0.850 21 200# 0.075
8 25# 0.710 22 230# 0.063
9 30# 0.600 23 270# 0.053
10 35# 0.500 24 325# 0.045
11 40# 0.425 25 400# 0.038
12 45# 0.355 26 500# 0.028
13 50# 0.300 27 >500# <0.028
14 60# 0.250      

Application of Sieve Shaker Machine


Sieve shaker machine is widely used in the inspection and analysis of food, medicine, chemical industry, abrasives, pigments, mining, metallurgy, geology, ceramics, national defense and other industries in scientific research units, laboratories, inspection rooms, production control, etc.

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