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Electric Sieve Shaker price

Electric sieve shaker is a kind of screening equipment dedicated to the laboratory.

The price of an electric sieve shaker:$200.00-$3,680.00/Set.

1. Different meshes, different prices

The mesh size of the Xinxiang Dahan electric sieve shaker is as large as 13mm and as small as 0.03mm. Experimental sieves with different meshes have different effects when sieving materials. The finer the mesh, the more manpower and labor consumed by the manufacturer in making the electric sieve shaker. The more material resources, the more expensive the price over time

2. Different materials and different prices

The electric sieve shaker is made of 304 stainless steel, which has good abrasion resistance and can withstand high temperatures below 300°C. However, most users in the market cut corners when making electric sieve shakers. Although the price of electric sieve shakers is cheaper, the price of electric sieve shakers is lower. The use of inferior materials in production will cause the performance of the electric sieve shaker to decrease.

The electric sieve shaker produced by Dahan manufacturers uses 10-12mm thickness plates, while the general manufacturers use 4mm thickness plates, so the quality is greatly reduced. The editor hereby reminds everyone to pay attention to choosing regular manufacturers.

3. Different configurations and different prices

The electric sieve shaker mainly includes a top cover, a round handle, a tight top handle, a screw, a vibration tray, a vibration motor, a timer and other structures. When choosing the electric sieve shaker, users can choose different configurations according to their own conditions. The higher the configuration, the higher the price will naturally be.

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