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Wet Sieving With a Laboratory Vibratory Sieve Shaker

The wet special laboratory vibratory sieve Shaker is suitable for dry sieving or wet sieving of any free-flowing dispersible material; sieving and classification of solid particles. Such as sand, soil, paint, chemical raw materials, food, coal, agricultural products, seeds, plants, spices, metal powder, fertilizer, glass, building materials, resin, etc.

Wet Sieving With a Laboratory Vibratory Sieve Shaker

Application areas: material diameter analysis, material separation and classification.

Screening material: powder, granular matter, lumps, suspended matter.

The wet special vibratory sieve is ideal equipment for laboratory and field operations. It has a solid structure and is light and portable, and the digital display makes the function setting very intuitive. The laboratory vibratory sieve is powered by an electromagnetic drive, there is no rotating part so it is not easy to wear, does not require maintenance and the operation is very quiet. The 3D oscillating operation provided by the power unit uses a unique way to pass the sample through the sieve tray to obtain the result of particle size analysis faster and more effectively. At the same time, the rapid vertical movement also helps to keep the sieve holes unobstructed.

The digital display controller of Wet sieving with a laboratory vibratory sieve can set the operating time, amplitude, continuous vibration or intermittent vibration, and intermittent vibration. Intermittent vibration can improve the separation effect by blocking objects. The controller can also set the duration of vibration "on" and "off". Wet sieving with a laboratory vibratory sieve provides adaptability so that almost any material under test can be established. The sieving instrument is equipped with a new and unique fixing device to ensure that the screen can be firmly fixed without being too tight, so that it can be quickly removed and reset. The screener is equipped with non-metallic springs and anti-vibration devices to isolate the vibration of the working surface and reduce noise.

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