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4 Types of Test Sieve Shaker Machine

Test sieve shaker machine is mainly used in various laboratories. There are different types according to different testing materials and usage conditions. This article will introduce different types of test sieve shaker machine for you.

1. Standard test sieve

 Standard test sieve

The standard test sieve is divided into 300 type and 400 type. It is mainly to install sieve frames of different diameters. The mesh of the matching sieve frame can generally reach 8 meshes to 400 meshes.

2. Ultrasonic test sieve

An ultrasonic transducer is installed on the ordinary test sieve. It is a test sieve shaker machine for fine powders with high static electricity, strong adsorption force, high density and light specific gravity. Clogged screen.

3. Electromagnetic test sieve

Electromagnetic test sieve

The electromagnetic test sieve is a test sieve shaker machine designed for the screening and detection of ultrafine powder. It is modified on the basis of the original ordinary test sieve machine. It is a vibrating sieve machine with electromagnetic drive. , No material will remain on the screen when sieving. With a throughput of up to 2kg and a measurement range of 5μm-63mm, it is ideal for quantitative particle size analysis of various solids and suspensions by dry or wet sieving or micro-precision sieving using woven mesh test sieves.

4. Rotap sieve shaker

Rotap sieve shaker

The Rotap sieve shaker utilizes the special action of horizontal circular motion and vertical top motion to shake particles through a series of different test sieve frames in a stack for accurate and consistent particle analysis testing for diamond powders and superhard materials The production and classification process of the industry can be matched with 200mm and 300mm test screen frames.

The above are 4 common test sieve shaker machines.

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