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What Does The Number Of Sieves Mean?

Users often see an "item" unit when choosing a vibrating screen. They don't understand what concept it is. Today, we will talk about "item" in our edition.

Vibrating screen mesh number refers to the number of holes per inch (inch) screen mesh. 50 mesh refers to 50 holes per inch and 500 holes per inch. The higher the number of holes, the more holes. In addition to representing the hole of the screen, it is also used to indicate the particle size through the screen. The higher the number of meshes, the smaller the particle size.

Powder particle size is called particle size

Due to the complexity of particle shape, the number of vibrating sieves is usually expressed by several methods, such as sieving size, settling size, equivalent volume size and equivalent surface area size. Screening particle size is the size of the sieve through the sieve mesh, which is expressed by the number of sieve holes in the sieve mesh with a width of 1 inch (25.4 mm), so it is called "mesh number". There is no unified technical standard for powder size at home and abroad, and each enterprise has its own definition and expression method of particle size index. Screen specifications in different countries and industries have different standards, so the meaning of "mesh" of vibrating screen is difficult to unify. The American standard is usually adopted in our country, and the formula is mesh number * aperture (micron number) = 15000. Example: The aperture of 750 mesh vibrating screen is about 20 microns.

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