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4 Factors To Consider When Buying Centrifugal Sifter

The centrifugal sifter uses high-speed airflow to push the product particles through the screen for screening. So when choosing a centrifugal sifter, what convenience should be considered? The following will explain in detail.

4 Factors To Consider When Buying Centrifugal Sifter

1. Is the material powdery?

For sifting low bulk density and light weight products/applications such as talc, light calcium, heavy calcium, zinc, traditional Chinese medicine, quartz, etc., the centrifugal sifter should always be selected.

2. Do you need high precision?

For sifting fine powder or fine particles, since the centrifugal sifter uses a high-speed air flow as a carrier in a closed state, the fully diffused powder particles have a sufficient pressure, which will help low bulk density products easily pass through the screen area , so as to achieve maximum efficiency in the screening process, the screening can reach 80-530 mesh, and the penetration rate can reach 85-95%.

3. Whether the output meets the requirements

For sites with high output requirements, it is recommended to choose centrifugal sifter, whose hourly output per square meter of screen area is about one ton, and the screening efficiency is above 95%. We have had a situation where a customer used a conventional shaker to screen silica sand, they wanted a 3 t/h output and were able to achieve this with 3 circular shakers. One of our product experts visited their factory and suggested to use a centrifugal sifter to test the silica sand screening process, the result was exactly what the product expert suggested, now they have replaced the output of 3 circular shakers with 1 centrifugal sifter .

4. Others: dust-free and noise-free operation

The centrifugal sifter acts on centrifugal force and does not produce any vibration, so rigid connection can be made at the inlet and outlet, while the general vibration works and only flexible connection can be made at the inlet and outlet, the flexible connection increases the chance of leakage, air The dust content is less than 10mg/m3.

Then in the process of purchasing centrifugal sifter classification, the above factors should be fully considered, whether the material is powdery, whether it needs high precision, whether the output meets the requirements, and noise, power consumption, maintenance, and classification that needs to be sieved. of.

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