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Difference Between Centrifugal Sifter And Rotary Vibrating Screen

Centrifugal sifter and rotary vibrating screen are the equipment in fine screening. Many people do not know how to choose between the two. This article will introduce the difference between centrifugal sifter and rotary vibrating screen in detail:

Difference Between Centrifugal Sifter And Rotary Vibrating Screen

1. Working principle

 The centrifugal sifter is screened by using a screw conveyor or a rotating paddle to push the product particles through the screen. The oversized particles are sprayed to the discharge port through the downstream end of the screen cylinder, and the lighter particles are brought together with the discharge port. .

Rotary vibrating screen, also called rotary vibrating screen, circular vibrating screen, uses a vertical vibration motor as the vibration source, eccentric weights are applied to the top and bottom of the shaft, and the shaft rotates to generate 3-dimensional motion - horizontal, inclined, vertical, through Multi-layer screens of different meshes are used to complete the removal, classification and filtration of materials.

2. Screening materials

a. If the product has low bulk density and light weight, centrifugal sifter can be selected, because the rotary vibrating screen will not easily pass through the screen when screening light and low bulk density products, which will cause blockage and affect the screening efficiency.

b. For products that are easy to agglomerate, when using the centrifugal sifter for screening, the product loss is zero due to the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the screw conveyor, while in the rotary vibrating screen, the agglomerates stay above the sieve area and are removed from the screen. Outlets are thrown, resulting in product loss.

c. But for applications that separate solids from liquids, such as pulp, wastewater, etc., rotary vibrating screen can be selected.

Summary: For sifting low bulk density and lightweight products/applications (eg talc, pigments, silica sand, etc.) the centrifugal sifter should be the choice.

3. Output

The penetration rate of centrifugal sifter screening can reach 85-95%, the residue on the screen is 0 (it is difficult to achieve with ordinary rotary vibrating screen), the screen area is 3.5 square and 6 square respectively, and the processing capacity is 5-10 times that of rotary vibrating screen. .

If the traditional rotary vibrating screen is used to screen silica sand, to achieve the output of 3 tons/hour, 3 rotary vibrating screens are needed to achieve this goal. While using a single centrifugal sifter may reach 3 tons/hour, one centrifugal sifter can replace the output of three circular vibrating screens.

Summary: Centrifugal sifter can achieve higher yields.

4. Gradation

Products or applications that need to be graded or sorted into different sizes are only suitable for grading with rotary vibrating screen, it can be installed with 5 layers of screen, which can provide 5 grades of separation, while centrifugal sifter is impossible to grade because it can only accommodate a mesh sieve.

Summary: Therefore, for products/applications that require grading, a vibrating screen would be a good choice.

5. Dust-free and noise-free operation

In the food and pharmaceutical industries, where man-made or airborne contamination needs to be reduced to ensure the quality of the final product, the centrifugal sifter needs to be chosen because, if installed correctly, it can provide a completely enclosed and dust-free environment during screening and sifting , because the centrifugal sifter acts on centrifugal force and does not generate any vibration, so a rigid connection can be made at the inlet and outlet, while the rotary vibrating screen works on vibration and can only make flexible connections at the inlet and outlet, and the live connection increases leakage Opportunity.

In some special industries, the noise generated by the machine is required to meet the specified standards. The noise level of the centrifugal sifter is lower than 80DB, which can realize noise-free operation and is a good choice.

Summary: In the chemical and pigments, minerals and other industries, hazardous substances are used in the manufacturing process, and inhalation or direct contact with these substances can be dangerous to operators. Therefore, for sieving or sieving, industry experts recommend centrifugal sifter, a fully enclosed system.


The above is an introduction to the difference between centrifugal sifter and rotary vibrating screen. I hope this article can help you in the selection of models.

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