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Vibrating Sieve for Millet Removal

Millet, also called millet, is a plant of the family Poaceae. In ancient times, it was called millet and millet, also known as liang. Annual herb; sturdy culm, few tillers, narrow and long lanceolate leaves, distinct midrib and small veins, with fine hairs; spike-like panicle; ear length 20-30 cm; spikelets clustered on tertiary peduncles , Spikelets basically have bristles. Hundreds to thousands of seeds per ear, the fruit is very small, about 0.1cm in diameter, the ear is generally golden yellow when mature, and the oval seeds are mostly yellow. After peeling, it is commonly known as Millet. The pale shell of millet has various colors of white, red, yellow, black, orange and purple, commonly known as "millet has five colors". It is widely cultivated in the temperate and tropical regions of Eurasia. The middle and upper reaches of the Yellow River in China are the main cultivation areas, and there are also a small amount of cultivation in other areas.

Vibrating Sieve for Millet Removal

Millet's impurity removal process is inseparable from the vibrating sieve. Generally, it enters the center screen surface of the two-layer vibrating sieve through manual feeding or automatic feeding device. Since the screen machine is running, the two upper and lower weights and the counterweight in the base produce a Circulating from the center and with the movement trajectory of the upper and lower amplitudes to the edge, the millet jumps along the movement trajectory on the screen surface and gradually rotates to the discharge port, falling into the barrel or the material receiving device. According to the particle size of rice flour, a shorter or longer motion trajectory can be selected to improve the discharge speed or screening accuracy. In the millet sieving process, Vibrating sieve for millet removal has the following advantages:

1. The screening efficiency is high, and the screening accuracy is above 95%.

2. Small size, light weight, simple installation and convenient maintenance.

3. The position of the discharge port can be adjusted arbitrarily within 360°, which is convenient for process distribution.

4. It is convenient to replace the screen mesh, which is suitable for the classification of dry and wet materials.

5. Fully enclosed structure, no dust pollution.

6. One machine is multi-purpose, saving time and effort.

7. Ensure that the characteristics of the processed materials remain unchanged.

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