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Rotap Sieve Shaker Price

The Rotap sieve shaker is usually used in the laboratory to play the role of a testing instrument. When the slapping vibrating screen is screening materials, there is a hammer iron on the top of the top cover constantly hitting the top cover, which will effectively solve the problem of material blocking and unclean screening. . The price of Rotap sieve shaker is the main question for many users when purchasing, this article will mainly ask you to explain the structure of Rotap sieve shaker

Rotap Sieve Shaker Price

The price of rotap sieve shaker is affected by many factors, such as model, material, accessories and material, etc.DAHAN Machineryrefers to the price of rotap sieve shaker on the market. The price of a rotap sieve shaker is about $458 or more, which also exists in this below the price.

1. The model affects the price

The model mainly refers to the diameter of the screen frame of the rotap sieve shaker and the type of the machine base. The rotap sieve shaker can be divided into two types: single-seat and double-seat. The difference between the two is that the double-seat rotap sieve shaker can perform two sets of tests at the same time. , the labor cost will be greater. In addition, the rotap sieve shaker can be installed with a 200mm or 300mm test screen frame, and a maximum of 7 layers can be installed. Different diameters and layers will lead to different prices of the rotap sieve shaker.

Model Screen frame diameter
Number of beats
Slap height
Motor Power
Price Dollar
200 Type Rotap Sieve Shaker φ200 156 38 φ200 $490 to $5,000
300 Type Rotap Sieve Shaker φ300 156士3 38士6 φ300 $730 to $5,500

2.The number of layers of sieves stacked affect the price

Rotap sieve shakers are commonly used in particle size analysis to separate particles into fractions of different sizes, and they typically consist of a stack of wire mesh screens, each with a specific opening size that allows particles of a specific size to pass through. The more layers of sieves that are stacked, the more expensive the test sieve set may be. This is because each additional layer of sieves requires additional materials and manufacturing processes, which increases production costs. In some cases, a single screen may be sufficient, while in others, multiple layers of screens may be required to achieve the desired level of particle separation.

Name Rotap Sieve Shaker Price Dollar
Stacked Sieve Layers 1 $680
2 $950
3 $1,300
4 $2,700
5 $3,500
6 $4,000
7 $4,900
8 $5,500

3. Accessories affect the price

The accessories of the rotap sieve shaker are mainly composed of the base, the screen and the transmission device. The three are indispensable. Because each configuration has different technical parameters, it will also affect the final price of the slap screen.

Minor Maintenance Kit Major Maintenance Kit
2 Eccentric Discs 1 Timing Belt
1 Flange Bushing 1 Upper Carrying Plate
1 Bearing 1 Cam Gear
2 Flange Bearings 1 Timing Belt Pulley
Total: $103.25 Total: $480.55

4. The manufacturer affects the price

The price of rotap sieve shaker from almost every manufacturer will vary. The price of Rotap sieve shaker produced by Dahan Machinery is cheaper than that of similar manufacturers. There is a one-year warranty commitment, and the manufacturer will also give users a certain discount according to the user's purchase situation!

Rotap Sieve Shaker Price

The above is about the price of rotap sieve shaker, I hope to help you!

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