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Features and Application of Rotap Sieve Shaker

As a test screening equipment, there are many advantages. The following is a list of the characteristics and applications of the rotap sieve shaker

Features and Application of Rotap Sieve Shaker

Features of rotap sieve shaker

1). Accurate transmission and good consistency: due to the use of gears to drive the synchronous belt transmission, the speed ratio is accurate, and the speed drop phenomenon of the general V-belt will not occur (the speed of the V-belt is 3%), so that the screen under the same time every time. The sub-movements are consistent (the accuracy rate of the gear ratio is 99.99%), and the equipment is equipped with a digital timer. After the time is set, it will automatically stop when the time is up to ensure the consistency of inspection or production.

2. Long service life, low maintenance and maintenance costs: Because the two gears do not have direct contact and will not wear out, the contact adaptability between the timing belt and the gears is good, and the service life is long. Only the timing belt needs to be replaced during maintenance. The re-installation is accurate and convenient, and the rotating part adopts bearings (standard parts), which are not easy to wear, low cost, and easy to replace. Reduced technical requirements and costs for maintenance.

3. High screening efficiency: This screening method enables two motions of reciprocating and slapping vibration at the same time during screening, which will not block the screen surface, fast feeding and screening.

4. Clean: Because this transmission method is adopted without oiling, the maintenance cost is reduced and the environment is protected, which is very beneficial to the requirement of clean production environment.

Application of rotap sieve shaker

Rotap sieve shaker is widely used in scientific research units, laboratories, inspection rooms, production control and other industries in food, medicine, chemical industry, abrasives, pigments, mining, metallurgy, geology, ceramics, national defense and other industries to inspect solid, powder, slurry and other materials. Screening, grading, particle size analysis, debris content analysis, etc. Especially for the production and screening of superhard materials such as diamond.

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