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Difference Between Rotap Sieve Shaker and Test Sieve

Both the rotap sieve shaker and the test sieve are small fine screening equipment, so what are the differences between the two? Today I will introduce to you the following.

Difference Between Rotap Sieve Shaker and Test Sieve

What is the difference between rotap sieve shaker and test sieve

1. The rotap sieve shaker is a sieve machine, and the test sieve belongs to the inspection tool.

2. The rotap sieve shaker is equipment, and the test sieve is a tool.

3. The rotap sieve shaker must be used with a sieve,

4. The test sieve can be hand sieved or used on a rotap sieve shaker machine.

5. There are many sieve machines suitable for test sieves, not only rotap sieve shaker machines, but also general vibrating sieve machines, top impact sieve machines, electromagnetic vibrating sieve machines, etc.

6. The shape of the test sieve is generally round, there are many specifications, and it is customary to use "mesh". In fact, the most correct one should be expressed as "mesh size/wire diameter".

7. The rotap sieve shaker is an iron casting, and the test sieve is made of stainless steel.

8. The rotap sieve shaker needs electric drive, and the test sieve can be machine or manual.

The principle is different

Test sieve: a new type of special power generator is used to generate multiple high-frequency vibrations to efficiently filter samples; standard sieve body ensures high-precision sample analysis; electronic delay device can set the same screening time for the same material as required to ensure The uniformity of the analysis data of the samples reduces the inspection error to a minimum, so as to make an accurate judgment on the product quality.

Rotap sieve shaker: The motor of the rotap sieve shaker drives the gear speed change through the synchronous belt to make the main shaft rotate. The main shaft drives the eccentric wheel to make the slide plate drive the test sieve to shake left and right, and at the same time drives the ejector pin gear to rotate, hit the hammer and slap the test sieve, so that the Material sieving in test sieve and sample sieve.

The applications is different

Test sieve: It is a standard analytical sieve that integrates powder classification and liquid filtration; it is suitable for laboratories and inspection rooms to accurately analyze the particle size and structure of particles and powders, and test and analyze the liquid solid content and the amount of debris.

Rotap sieve shaker: suitable for general abrasive particle size composition inspection, superhard material production grading and material size composition inspection. It is widely used in scientific research and production laboratories of geology, metallurgy, chemical industry, medicine, national defense and other departments to screen and test materials.

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