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Vibrating Sieve

Eliminate oversize and contamination from your powder or liquid slurries, and accurate separation up to 5 fractions.

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500 mesh fine sieve 5-stage separation 3 times high throughput

Diameter: 400mm-2000mm

Max feeding size: within 10mm

Screen Mesh: 2-500 mesh Capacity: 100-3300kg/hr

Layer(s): 1-5 Layers Power: 0.18-2.2kw

Vibrating freq (time/min): 1500

Weight: 600 KG

Application: Can be used to screen, separate or filter dry powder or granular products as well as wet products and liquids

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Introduction of vibrating Sieve

Circular Vibrating Sieve

Vibrating sieve uses an unbalanced force to create vibrations that move material through the sieve at a faster rate. It is used to remove oversize, agglomerates and foreign objects from powders, granules or liquids. It can also be used for grading of different sizes of the same product. , which can provide up to 5 grades of classification in one operation, so as to achieve accurate particle size distribution. It is suitable for dry or wet applications such as flour, powder coatings, pharmaceutical powders, coffee beans, spices and more.

Vibrating sieve can be divided into 1-5 layers, carbon steel and stainless steel can be selected

Different Types of Vibrating Sieve

  • Circular Vibratory Sifter

    Circular Vibratory Sifter

    Remove impurities in the material, and classify the mixed powder and particles into different sizes as you require.

  • Ultrasonic Vibrating Sieve

    Ultrasonic Vibrating Sieve

    Ultrasonic frequencies are used to vibrate the screen so that the mesh does not clog and the powder is easier to screen. The system increases screening capacity by a factor of 10, increasing productivity while allowing separation accuracy down to 20m (#635 mesh).

  • Direct Discharge Sifter

    Direct Discharge Sifter

    Can provide you with the best results, including raw material screening, in-process screening, pre-packaging screening and dust removal, the inlet and outlet are in the same vertical direction, the discharge is fast, and the processing capacity is 2-5 times that of ordinary Vibrating sieves.

  • Filter Sieve

    Filter Sieve

    Specially designed to remove large particles and suspended solids in powder or liquid, with small volume and no need for excessive headroom.

Working Priciple of Vibrating Sieve

Vibrating sieve is composed of dust cover, feed inlet, screen, grid frame, vibrating motor, discharge outlet, feed the material to be separated through the hopper (small hole on the top of the vibrating sieve), the screen/sieve will start to vibrate, Then, the material fed into the hopper will pass through the sieve according to the particle size, the particles larger than the sieve hole stay on the sieve surface, called the oversize, and the particles smaller than the sieve hole pass through the sieve hole, called the undersize, and finally The separation of coarse and fine particles is realized, and the screening process is completed.

angle adjustment

During the working process, the original phase angle can be adjusted through the eccentric block according to the change of the screening material or the change of the motion track.

The angle adjustment of the eccentric block is as follows:

1.When the upper and lower eccentric blocks of the motor are adjusted to 0 degrees, the materials are scattered from the middle to the surroundings, which is used to screen a large number of rough materials.

2.When the upper and lower eccentric blocks of the motor are adjusted to 30 degrees, the material is dispersed in a swirl shape, which is used to screen general materials.

3.When the upper and lower eccentric blocks of the motor are adjusted to 45 degrees, the material is dispersed in a rapid swirl shape, and the movement track of the material on the screen surface is longer, which is mainly used to screen fine materials.

4.When the motor is adjusted up and down to 90 degrees, the material is concentrated from the surrounding to the middle, and is filtered by wet type.

Benefits of Vibrating Sieve

Sieve to 500 mesh

Improve product quality by eliminating oversized contaminants in powder or liquid slurries, it is suitable for sieving from 0.025mm to 25 microns (500 mesh).

6 levels separation

Up to 5 layers of sieves are allowed to separate up to 6 different sizes of one product for precise particle size distribution for particle homogenization.

Continuous operation

The direction of the discharge port can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the coarse and fine materials are automatically discharged, which can be automated or manually operated.

Remove dust

Unique grid design (sub-mother type), long-term use of the screen, easy to change the screen, only 3-5 minutes, simple operation, easy to clean.

Small footprint

The compact form requires minimal headroom and can easily fit into your existing production line

Noise as low as 60 decibels

The rubber suspension system reduces mechanical noise and ensures quiet operation down to 60 decibels.

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Technical parameters of Vibrating Sieve

Model Diameter
Feeding Size
Layers Power
DH-400 400 <10 <1500 1-5 0.18 100
DH-600 600 0.25 200
DH-800 800 0.55 500
DH-1000 1000 0.75 800
DH-1200 1200 1.1 1200
DH-1500 1500 1.5 1800
DH-1800 1800 2.2 2000

Dimensions of Vibrating Sieve


Model A
Single layer height
Double layer height
Three layer height
DH-600 530 430 246 600 100 70 391 415 785 910 1040
DH-800 680 580 246 800 125 80 514 430 855 1005 1155
DH-1000 800 700 246 1000 150 95 615 430 865 1015 1065
DH-1200 975 855 400 1200 180 100 717 550 1020 1170 1320
DH-1500 1190 1050 400 1500 180 116 866 545 1090 1270 1440
DH-1800 1580 1440 400 1800 200 150 1070 675 1230 1400 1570
DH-2000 1800 1640 400 2000 200 190 1210 685 1280 1445 1615

Vibrating sieve models have diameters of 300mm, 450mm, 500mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2000mm, and can also be customized for you.

1.Machine material: carbon steel, stainless steel (special for food and pharmaceutical industry), plastic (resistant to strong acid and strong alkali corrosion) can be selected according to the application requirements.

2.Machine size: You must fully understand the size of the equipment you use, and secondly, understand the processing capacity per hour, up to 3TPH capacity, and one machine is connected to one production line. The maximum output of the 1200-1 model can reach 3 tons per hour (conditions: 2mm mesh is used to treat foundry sand, and the underscreen material accounts for 95%).

3.Number of layers: refers to the number of layers of screen installed in the sieve machine. The vibrating sieve of 1 layer refers to the installation of a mesh frame inside the sieve machine. Usually, a mesh frame is only equipped with a mesh of one specification and has two outlets. , one outlet for coarse material, one outlet for fine material, three vibrating sieves for two layers, and so on. For example, if the user needs to produce two kinds of materials at the same time, he can use a screening equipment with one layer and two outlets.

4.Mesh size: The higher the screening accuracy, the cleaner the screening results. For example, if the user needs materials with a particle size of 1~2mm, the screening results of 1~2mm materials include materials smaller than 1mm or materials larger than 2mm.

Available Options

SUS304 stainless steel: Mainly used in medicine, food and other industries, SUS304 stainless steel features: high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, not easy. SUS304 stainless steel: Mainly used in medicine, food and other industries, SUS304 stainless steel features: high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, not easy to rust.
Adhesive mesh frame: high cleanliness, the whole mesh frame has no dead angle, the screen is directly bonded to the mesh frame, and the screen wire head and corners are not retained; suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Sub-mother grid: suitable for materials with large specific gravity and strong elaboration, the screen is easy to replace and difficult, and the cost of screen replacement is low; suitable for chemical and metallurgical industries, etc.
The use of the retaining ring and the pinball is a common net cleaning device, which is generally used for 100-200 mesh screens. Ultrasonic cleaning device: generally used for 400-500 mesh screen, features: high efficiency, good cleaning effect
Rubber seals: mainly used in the chemical industry, high and low temperature resistance, ozone resistance, good electrical insulation. Silicone seals: mainly used in the food and pharmaceutical industries, with high adsorption performance and good thermal stability.

Product Customization


Vibrating sieve can be customized according to actual use requirements: such as the height of the sieve, the length of the discharge port, the addition of dust removal ports, the addition of iron separators, the customization of materials, the size of the feeding port, air tightness screening, and other special use environments and specific uses condition. The following shows you several common types of customization.

Edge-added type: The screen frame is increased and the feeding port is enlarged to prevent the material from splashing and easy to observe the screen.

Valve type: By closing or opening the gate set at the discharge port, the screening time can be extended and the screening accuracy can be improved.

Silo type: Control the flow of materials into the vibrating screen by adjusting the butterfly valve in the silo, and then the vibrating screen performs the screening operation. Screening accuracy.

Application of Vibrating Sieve


Vibrating sieve can be used to screen dry powder or granular products as well as wet products and liquids, it can eliminate foreign matter in products through continuous filtration, only 1 operation is required for up to 5 grades of product separation. , can be screened up to 500 meshes, with various sizes (from 400mm to 2000mm), to meet the screening needs of different industries, the output is 100 to 3300kg/h, widely used in food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, paper and pulp, metal powder, For industries such as powder coating, Dahan Machinery can also be fully customized according to your application.

The applications below highlight common materials for the processing solutions we create for use with our vibratory screening equipment:

Proof of Solutions for Our Wide Range of Products


Vibrating sieve serves a variety of applications in the food industry, including spices, milk powder and chocolate, as well as other industries, such as pharmaceuticals, coatings, metal powders, ceramics, water treatment, recycling and more.

Materials Proportion Mesh Model Processing Method Capacity
(kg/hr IT/hr)
Wheat starch 1 250 DH-1200-1S Wet 3200 IT
Flour 0.6 24 DH-1000-1S Dry 1500㎏
soy sauce 1 100 DH-1200-1S Wet 6500 IT
Salt 1.2 30/80 DH-1500-1S Dry 5000㎏
Medicine powder 0.8 80 DH-800-1S Dry 550㎏
Iron powder 3 400 DH-800-1S Dry 230㎏
Mica 0.8 200 DH-800-1S Dry 110㎏
Feldspar 2.5 60/100 DH-1000-2S Dry 350㎏
Waste water 1-1.3 60 DH-1000-1S Wet 15000IT

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