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Ultrasonic Vibro Sifter Price

What is the price of ultrasonic vibro sifter? It mainly depends on which factors are related to its price quotation, usually including the following points:

1. Manufacturers

Different manufacturers have different production methods, management models, sales styles, etc., and the equipment quotations given will naturally be different.

2. Quality

Ultrasonic vibro sifter's quality is completely linked to price. The better the quality of the equipment, the higher the price and the higher the use value; otherwise, the lower.

3. Model

As we know above, the ultrasonic vibro sifter models are DHC400mm, DHC600mm, DHC800mm, DHC1000mm, DHC1200mm, DHC1500mm, DHC1800mm. The technical parameters are different, so of course the price will be uneven.

Model Effective screening diameter Screen mesh size range Price
DHC-400 340 80-600MESH 480-1300 ≤3
DHC-600 540 80-600MESH 1400-2500 ≤5
DHC-800 730 80-600MESH 1800-3000 ≤8
DHC-1000 900 80-600MESH 3500-4000 ≤12
DHC-1200 1100 80-600MESH 4200-4800 ≤16
DHC-1500 1400 80-600MESH 5000-6500 ≤20
Model Ultrasonic Sieving Machine Price (USD) Capacity
1 Layer 2 Layer 3 Layer
DHC400 600 700 800 ≤3
DHC600 645 708 818 ≤5
DHC800 1127 1337 1463 ≤8
DHC1000 1494 1690 1809 ≤12
DHC1200 1809 1900 2124 ≤16
DHC1500 1762 1888 2014 ≤20

4. Market

A series of considerable market factors such as market conditions, manufacturer competition, and changes in economic levels will also affect equipment quotations. Customers should measure in real time and fully consider them.

Dahan ultrasonic vibro sifter starts at US$800. The detailed price depends on the material and model you choose. You can call or for a detailed quotation.

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