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Baobab Powder Vibrating Sieve

Introduction of Baobab Powder Vibrating Sieve

Baobab powder vibrating sieve is a vibrating sieve specially used for baobab powder screening. It can continuously sieve powdery materials in the range of 80-500 mesh fineness. material, it also ensures a "screening process" by removing unwanted material and reducing the risk of powder handling, avoiding the time and effort required to manually separate powder and seeds.

Application of Baobab Powder Vibrating Sieve

use of baobab powder vibrating sieve

Using baobab powder vibrating sieve requires two production steps:

1. First we need to use stainless steel mesh to remove baobab seeds and fibers.

2. Then change to the nylon sieve cage to separate out the final fine powder.

The entire process is continuous, seeds and fibers, meal and fines are drained and collected separately, and the final baobab flour is very clean and fiber-free.

Working Principle of Baobab Powder Vibrating Sieve

Baobab powder vibrating sieve, the raw material after feeding is transported to the sieve cylinder part, under the action of strong centrifugal force, the lighter Baobab powder is brought to the discharge port together with the airflow, and discharged from the bottom, the Baobab seeds and The fibers pass through a hopper and rotary valve located below the bottom of the screen, which also contains a hatch that can be used to introduce a secondary air flow that returns some of the remaining fines from the coarse fraction to the vortex.

Benefits of Baobab Powder Vibrating Sieve

1. Use the cyclone jet method to effectively separate the tiny particles that are difficult to separate, remove foreign matter and impurities before the product enters the production process, or ensure product quality before packaging.

2. It can screen and classify powdery materials of 80-500 meshes (ordinary vibrating sieves are difficult to screen and classify powdery materials above 200 meshes).

3. The penetration rate can reach 85-95%, the residue on the screen is 0 (it is difficult to achieve with ordinary vibrating sieve), the screen area is 3.5 square and 6 square respectively, and the processing capacity is 5-10 times that of ordinary vibrating sieve. .

4. It has the function of re-breaking the agglomerated materials, which can prevent the baobab flour from clogging the screen and affecting the screening efficiency.

5. The replacement of the screen is very fast, only 3-5 minutes, and the operation is simple.

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Technical Parameter of Baobab Powder Vibrating Sieve

Model Material Power Application
WQS18-65 Q235A 2.2KW Screening below 500 mesh
WQS30-100 Q235A 4KW
WQS50-130 Q235A 5.5KW

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