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Difference Between Tumbler Screen And Vibrating Screen

Compared with the vibrating screen, the Tumbler screen adopts the principle of artificial screening, up to 5 times the output area, and can achieve 6-level classification. The output is 5-10 times that of the ordinary vibrating screen. This article will mainly introduce the tumbler screen and vibration. The main difference of sieve:

Vibrating Screen

1. Working principle is different

Tumbler screen is to imitate manual screening, the material makes non-linear three-dimensional movement on the screen surface, both circular movement and upward throwing arc movement.

The vibrating screen is driven by dual motors or vertical motors, and the material movement track is a straight line or horizontal, inclined, and vertical three-dimensional motion.

2. Materials is different

Tumbler screen is more suitable for irregular or damp materials within 500 mesh due to the imitation of artificial screening and the addition of a net cleaning device, which overcomes the risk of blocking the vibrating screen. The vibrating screen is a non-balanced destructive violent movement. The vibration principle is used to screen the materials, so the materials will sometimes be destroyed. Therefore, for some granular crystal coke brittle materials, it is recommended to use the tumbler screen, whose screening accuracy can reach more than 95%.

3. The output  is different

For 30 mesh and coarse materials, the output of vibrating screen and tumbler screen is basically the same. For materials from 30 to 500 mesh, the output of tumbler screen is much higher than that of vibrating screen, generally 5-10 of vibrating screen. Times.

4. Service life  is different

The vibration of the vibrating screen is quite destructive to the machine. Over time, it is easy to cause vibration, deformation, and screen damage. The tumbler screen can overcome this.

The above are the four major differences between Tumbler screen and vibrating screen. When selecting these two vibrating screens, users need to have clear requirements for screening materials and output, so that the manufacturer can recommend a suitable model for you. 

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