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3-Layer Tumbler Screen

3-layer tumbler screen means to install 3 layers of screens with 4 outlets, which can separate one specification of material into 4 different specifications. The following will give you a comprehensive introduction to the 3-layer tumbler screen.

The purpose of 3-layer tumbler screen

3-Layer Tumbler Screen

Simulates the manual screening action and process of humans, doing three-dimensional circular motion, cleverly combining the sieve (planar circular motion) and jolting (upward parabolic motion), which has both circular motion and upward throwing motion, so the swing screen has a sieve The characteristics of high separation accuracy, high efficiency, large output, and long screen life (up to 5-10 times that of ordinary vibrating screens), applicable to various fine and ultra-fine particulate materials, and more suitable for difficult-to-handle materials .

The working principle of 3-layer tumbler screen

The basic rotary motion is similar to manual screening, the eccentricity is adjustable from 25 to 40mm, and the low-speed V-belt drive is adjustable from 120 to 360rpm. The residence time of each product can be adjusted in the direction of the drive axis through the radial and cutting angle of the Zhentai series of swing screens. Therefore establish horizontal and throwing three-dimensional rolling motion. The material is evenly dispersed on the entire screen surface from the center to the outer edge, so as to propagate axially in a spiral motion. The fine particles thus complete the entire screening process. The horizontal and vertical acceleration increases with the movement of the particles, and the particles close to the mesh size are successfully separated; the larger particles are transported to the outlet, and the flow rate is controlled by an adjustable guide device at the outlet. Another factor that controls the residence time of materials. This process is repeated between each sieve layer.

Features of 3-layer tumbler screen

Features of 3-layer tumbler screen

1. Simulate human manual screening action and process, and the screening accuracy is as high as 90-95%.

2. There are 3 layers of screens and 4 outlets, which can separate one specification of material into 4 different specifications.

3. Good at screening fine and ultra-fine powder materials, especially suitable for difficult-to-handle materials.

4. The soft rock screening will not damage the original structure of the material particles, and is not easy to generate static electricity. It is more suitable for screening flammable, explosive and static-generating materials.

5. The anti-clogging technology is diverse, and the screen holes will not be blocked to ensure the continuity of the screening.

6. Quiet design, the noise is only 75dba, fully enclosed operation, powder does not fly, and liquid does not leak.

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