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What Is A Tumbler Screen?

Tumbler screen imitates the principle of manual sieving and combines sieving (circular motion) with hand sieve (parabolic motion), which is suitable for dry and wet materials, with high sieving accuracy and large output. This article will detail the tumbler screen for you.

How the tumbler screen works

The tumbler screen can produce horizontal and throwing three-dimensional rolling motion. This principle is similar to manual screening. The material moves in an involute spiral on the screen surface, and the screened material is evenly distributed on the entire surface from the center to the periphery. The radial inclination angle makes the screening material move outward from the center, and the tangential inclination angle makes the material move in a circular motion, thereby realizing the spiral motion. The fine particles pass through the center, while the coarse particles move outward in a circular pattern at the periphery and exit from the outlet.

Features of tumbler screen

1. It imitates manual screening, suitable for fine granular materials within 500 mesh, and the screening accuracy is 90-95%.

2. The effective screening area of ​​each layer is 0.28-6.4 square meters, up to 5 layers can be used, and the output is 5-10 times that of the vibrating screen.

3. Since there is no high-speed vibration, fragile materials and agglomerates will not be destroyed, which improves product quality.

4. Three kinds of cleaning devices: jumping ball, ultrasonic wave, rotating drum brush are optional, various anti-blocking technologies, and the sieve holes are not easy to be blocked.

5. Internal sealing, air tightness up to 50mPa, rubber tension spring support for left and right tension, noise can be as low as 75dBa.

6. Low frequency and small load work, the acceleration is 4-5 times lower than that of the vibrating screen, and the service life is longer.

Structure of tumbler screen

Application of tumbler screen

The tumbler screen is suitable for controlled screening, grading and dedusting of dry, powdery and granular products, especially suitable for high output and multi-layer separation of fine and light products that are difficult to screen.

The following shows you the live pictures of tumbler screen customers in different industries:

The above is a brief introduction to tumbler screen, I hope it will be helpful for you to understand tumbler screen!

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