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Difference Between Grain Auger Conveyor And General Auger Conveyor

Grain auger conveyor, literally understood, it is a kind of auger conveyor, but compared with ordinary auger conveyor, it has some differences. Therefore, in order to deepen your understanding of this conveyor and be able to distinguish it from other conveyors, today I will take a moment to introduce this conveyor. If there are any shortcomings, please forgive me!

Grain auger conveyor, it uses a motor to drive the spiral to rotate, thereby pushing the material to be transported. The auger conveyor has more than one transportation methods, including horizontal, skewed, and straight transportation methods, which can transport powder and granular materials well.

The main features of grain auger conveyor are:

(1) The sealing function is good, there will be no leakage, and no dust, so it can greatly improve the working environment;

(2) The diameter of the spiral body is small, but the rotation speed is high, so it has a high conveying capacity, which is especially suitable for skewed and straight conveying.

Because the grain auger conveyor has these characteristics, it is widely used, especially in the grain and food industries.

I probably understand the grain auger conveyor, then some people might think, compared with the ordinary auger conveyor, what are the specific differences?

1. Different appearance

The general auger conveyor is basically a trough or tubular conveyor, while the grain auger conveyor is a belt type. This is the difference in their appearance.

2. The scope of use is different

The grain auger conveyor is mainly used to transport grain. It can be used indoors and outdoors, and there are no requirements for materials. However, ordinary auger conveyors are not suitable for transporting materials that are perishable, viscous and easy to agglomerate, and the working environment temperature and the transportation of materials The temperature is regulated, the former is -20℃-40℃, and the latter is -20℃-80℃. Ordinary auger conveyor is suitable for horizontal or inclined transportation, and the inclination angle cannot exceed 15 degrees.

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