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Bucket Elevator Price

The price of the bucket elevator has always been a topic of concern to everyone. This article will introduce the price of the bucket elevator in detail for you.

Bucket Elevator Price

Bucket elevator price list

Specification Lifting height Delivery volume Material particle size Bucket distance Motor Power Price
(m) (m³/h) (mm) (mm) (kW) (dollar)
TH160 25 7-12 15-20 400 3-4 From $788
TH200 28 8-15 20-30 500 3-5.5 From $1276
TH250 30 10-25 25-35 500 4-7.5 From $1720
TH300 30 25-35 30-40 500 5.5-11 From $2290
TH315 40 30-40 35-45 512 5.5-15 From $3580
TH400 40 45-60 40-55 512 10-22 From $5160
TH500 40 65-80 50-60 512 15-30 From $6880
TH630 40 100-120 60-65 688 18.5-37 From $7600
TH800 40 130-150 65-75 920 22-45 From $8890

Factors affecting the price of bucket elevator

1. Equipment size and configuration

Bucket elevator size can affect its pricing. Larger models will consume more materials, parts, and manufacturing time, all resulting in higher prices. In addition, the improved opportunity of a closed or hermetically sealed design uses more material than an open design, reflected in a relatively higher price.

2. Frame material

Bucket elevator frames are usually made of carbon steel or stainless steel. The type and specification of steel used will affect the unit price of the machine. In addition, since the market price of steel may fluctuate, the unit price may reflect the current market price of steel.

3. Drive components and components

Bucket elevator drive assemblies and components vary from manufacturer to manufacturer in design and materials used. For example, many bucket elevators use metal roller chains in their drive assemblies, while some models use rubber belt chains. Similarly, buckets may be made of steel, plastic, or other materials, and they may be designed to overlap or interlock, drive motor power and mass will vary, and will vary depending on the height and capacity of the bucket elevator Determine the size. Therefore, equipment pricing is positioned based on the drive component design and materials used by each manufacturer.

4. Customization

According to the conveying requirements of different industries, bucket elevator manufacturers can customize according to the requirements of each customer, and carry out equipment customization to ensure that the provided devices operate as expected on site. Equipment customization involves design customization where needed, as well as providing the features and options needed to meet material handling, application and integration needs, and equipment pricing will vary based on the amount of customization required to support a given application.

5. Service and support

Buyers can choose to have their supplier provide installation and commissioning of new equipment (or factory supervision of the installation), and can choose to participate in a service or preventative maintenance program offered by the supplier. Although these items are usually priced separately from the equipment price, they may represent additional costs for the buyer.

The above highlights some of the factors that may affect the price and pricing of bucket elevators. Since every manufacturer is different, buyers should take care to make sure they are "comparing like one" when looking at equipment offers and prices.

So, for example, a certain manufacturer may quote higher, but this may be because the supplier is:

① Proposed fully sealed model and closed unit

②Propose a device made of stainless steel instead of carbon steel

③Provide options more suitable for device applications

④Propose a faster bucket elevator to achieve the required capacity. Faster speeds will incur additional long-term maintenance costs, as parts will wear out faster and require more maintenance.

These are examples of some of the differences that may be noticed in equipment proposals received from suppliers, so it is important to read quotes and proposals carefully to ensure any equipment comparisons made are valid. As they say, it's the details that make the difference!

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