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Tumbler Screen for Rubber Powder

Material characteristics

In terms of powder engineering, rubber powder is a kind of powdery granular material, so for rubber powder, the particle size (specific surface area), surface morphology and group and its own composition will have an important impact on its performance. The rubber powder has a lighter specific gravity, is easy to fly dust, has fibers, and is easy to block the screen.

The user encountered the following problems when producing decoction pieces of traditional Chinese medicine:

Tumbler Screen for Rubber Powder


The finer the rubber powder, the better its performance. The finer the rubber powder, the longer the processing time and the faster the dissolution rate during use. But for rubber powder with a lighter specific gravity and fibers, most of the screens on the market cannot reach the target output.


Dahan tumbler screen simulates a simple screening principle that is sieving with both eyes and hands. It is currently an effective principle for simulating manual screening motion (screening accuracy, efficiency, and screen life are all 5-10 times that of conventional round screens. ), in line with all fine and ultra-fine powder and granular materials, especially suitable for materials that are difficult to handle like rubber powder.

Equipment advantages

1. Compared with traditional screening equipment such as vibro sifter and linear screen, it can reach up to 5 times the processing capacity per unit area.

2. Effectively imitate the manual sieving action and process, the material presents an involute spiral motion trajectory on the screen surface, so that the material travels a relatively long distance on the relative area, and the screening accuracy is as high as 90%-95%.

3. Exquisite design, circular building block assembly structure, relatively small size of the equipment, light weight, optimized weight and balance, and low dynamic load on the foundation. Installation and disassembly are simple. The discharge port can be adjusted arbitrarily within the 360° circle, which is convenient for process layout.

4. Using low frequency and small load work, the acceleration is 4.5 times lower than that of the vibrating screen, and the vertical acceleration value of the material particles is low, so that the screen is not easy to be damaged and the service life of the screen is prolonged. It is beneficial to improve the service life of the equipment and reduce the operation and maintenance cost.

In addition, the soft swing screening power system has little effect on the equipment and the materials to be screened, and will not damage the original structure of the particles of the materials, and is not easy to generate static electricity.

5. Fully enclosed structure, good sealing and dust removal effect, basically no leakage of material dust, more environmentally friendly, and safer operation for workers.

6. A variety of screen cleaning devices can be conveniently added to the screen surface, which can effectively solve the problem of screen surface blockage and ensure the continuity of screening. You can choose from five different high-efficiency net cleaning devices, such as: bouncing ball to clean the net, roller brush to clean the net, air jet to clean the net, elastic scraper to clean the net, and ultrasonic technology to clean the net.

7. The noise pollution is small, and the noise is less than 75 decibels.

8. Using ordinary motor as power source, the service life is several times longer than that of vibration motor.


I had a friend who bought equipment from your company before, and it was very easy to use. A friend recommended me to buy it here. However, it took only 4 months to use Dahan machinery and equipment. So, I still talked about the quality of the equipment from this manufacturer at the beginning. , Performance is in doubt, but now after purchasing the equipment, I feel that this question is completely unnecessary. The use of wear-resistant steel and cast steel technology improves the wear resistance of the equipment and reduces the low failure rate of the equipment. In the past two years, we have benefited very nice. I found that their sales staff are really enthusiastic, and experts regularly return visits to the production. The delivery and use of equipment and the completion of the project acceptance between us are not the end of the service, but the beginning of the service, from the supply of common parts to the maintenance of the equipment. , Maintenance, to provide us with "one-stop" service, completely relieve customers of worries.

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