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Small Screw Conveyor For Powder Conveying In Laboratory


The small screw conveyor feeds materials with small batches, small powder, small flakes, small particles, fibers and certain viscous materials that are not easy to convey.


The small screw conveyor used in the laboratory requires a small amount of transportation, and the use of ordinary screw conveyors will cause cost waste. Small screw conveyors specially used for small-volume material transportation are recommended.

Dahan’s technical experts recommend installing a small screw conveyor. The advantages are as follows:

1. The conveying capacity is between 3-22 cubic meters per hour, which is suitable for continuous feeding of small batches of powdery materials.

2. The small diameter and fast speed can ensure uniform transportation of materials, and the materials are not easy to jam, and loading and unloading gates can also be installed to control the flow of materials.

3. The materials can be stirred, mixed, heated and cooled during the conveying process.

4. The entire conveying work is carried out in the pipeline in a bucket type, which avoids the pollution of the environment by dust and improves the working conditions at the same time.

5. It can be installed horizontally, can also adapt to angular working conditions, and can even achieve vertical conveying, instead of hoisting to save production costs.

The person in charge of the company's production agrees to the suggestion of installing a high-quality small screw conveyor.

After using the machine for nearly 3 months, the production supervisor talked to the sales engineer & he said

"Our laboratory is limited in space and does not require much delivery capacity. This small screw conveyor has a small footprint while meeting the delivery capacity, and the quality is also good, which reduces our costs."

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