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What Is the Main Noise Source of Bucket Elevator?

In the use of bucket elevator, there will be abnormal noise. When this happens, it is very harsh. Some users may not pay much attention to it. But now we must pay attention to it, because the noise may not be the cause of aging, but the failure of the machine.

Here are the main sources and the solution for you:

Abnormal Noise of Coupling

Abnormal noise from coupling is sometimes accompanied by vibration noise of the same frequency as motor rotation. The main reason for the failure is that the front and rear axles of the coupling are not concentric.

Solution: The position of motor and speed reducer should be adjusted in time to ensure the concentricity of motor shaft and speed reducer shaft.

Abnormal Noise of Head Wheel and Bottom Wheel

The noise of the head and bottom wheels is very small when they work normally. When abnormal noise occurs, it is due to poor sealing or lubrication, which results in bearing damage and is emitted by the bearing seat.

Solution: Carefully check the condition of head wheel and bottom wheel bearings. If the bearings have been damaged, they should be replaced in time.

Abnormal voice in barrel

The main cause of abnormal noise in barrel is hopper falling off, damage or loosening.

Solution: Stop immediately when this happens, check carefully and repair the hopper that has fallen off, damaged or loosened.

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