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Vertical Screw Conveyor For Soybeans


The vertical screw conveyor is suitable for conveying powdery, granular, non-viscous dry materials with a bulk density of ≤1.3t/m3 vertically or at a large inclined angle. It covers a small area and is conveyed in a sealed manner. The distance between the inlet and the outlet is from 2.5 meters up to 15 meters, 0.5 meters first, users can choose according to their needs.

Vertical Screw Conveyor


Mr. Zhang, a customer from Guangdong, wants to use a screw conveyor to transport soybeans and connect them to the feed port of the linear screen at the discharge end, and pass through the linear screen to remove impurities and classify them to obtain finished materials.


Dahan technicians understand the needs of customers and recommend that the vertical screw conveyor uses the centrifugal force generated by the higher-speed spiral in the vertical circular shell, and overcomes the friction between the material and the spiral surface with the help of the friction between the material and the shell. The downward spiral component of force caused by its own weight lifts the soybeans upwards.

Advantages of vertical screw conveyor:

1. Conveying materials vertically upwards. Compared with some other types of lifting conveyors, it requires less space.

2. The vertical lifting height can reach 8 meters, and the conveying capacity can reach 9-140 cubic meters per hour.

3. The whole machine is small in size and high in speed, ensuring fast and uniform delivery.

4. The discharge end is equipped with a cleaning device, the whole machine has low noise, strong adaptability, and flexible layout of the inlet and outlet positions.


The Production Head of the company agreed with the suggestion of Vertical Screw Conveyors. After using the machine for almost 4 months the Production Head had word with Sales Engineer&he said "The cooperation with Dahan this time made me very satisfied. Since we did not understand the operation of the equipment, we went to Dahan Company to test the machine. Dahan sent a special person to receive us and complete the test machine inspection. After the purchase, it also provides free installation, regular return visits and other services. , Seeing that you are so serious and responsible, I think I chose the right one."

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