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Inclined screw conveyor for poultry feed


Inclined screw conveyor conveying poultry feed is used in the feeding system of feed in the aquaculture industry.


The inclined screw conveyor is used to meet the feeding angle of the inclined angle, and then it is sent to the next program.


Dahan’s technical experts recommend installing a inclined screw conveyor. The advantages are as follows:

1).The vibrating screw feeding machine equips with double motors:feeding motor and vibrating motor, each

of them has its own switch control.

2).Hopper is continuously vibrating which makes the material flow easily and convective, and the hopper can be changeable according to customer’s requirement, it is also good to the processing material.

3).The hopper separates from the twisting shift, designing with the reasonable structure, each part of the conveyor can be taken down easily.

4).With dustproof characteristic, the hopper won’t be glued or polluted by dust and powder. And the complete machine is made of Ss304 except for the motor.

5).with specific design,it’s very easily and convenient to clean up the residue and leftover,also this equipment can discharge the material reversely, and the storing materials at the bottom of hopper pipe can be easily released from the door when start the specific switch.


The person in charge of the company's production agrees to the suggestion of installing a high-quality inclined screw conveyor.

After using the machine for nearly 8 months, the production supervisor talked to the sales engineer & he said

"There is no dust pollution during the whole conveying process, and the conveying conditions can also achieve the expected results."

Friday June-28 2024  10:39:26
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