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Domestic Sewage Filtration - Screening of Purified Water Quality

Product Capacity: 3 m3/h

Materials: Domestic water

Industry: Water Treatment

Machine: Vibrating Sieve

Domestic Sewage Filtration - Screening of Purified Water Quality

What is the sieving purpose?

Remove hair, shampoo and some plastic bags from domestic waste water.

Combining User Requirements

In wastewater treatment, the purpose of filtration with screening equipment is for primary filtration and preliminary impurity removal. Therefore, the number of filters selected is 60 mesh, 80 mesh or 120 mesh, and the number of filters is 200 mesh.

Points for Attention in Recommendation Scheme

Number of filters

Feed pipe diameter

Filter volume

Site requirements

They are all important considerations for recommending solutions for users. But they are only part of the final recommendation.

For example:

This company mainly puts the screening machine on the mobile car, so the shape and size also have special requirements.

Customer Feedback

“Dahan provides me with a detailed solution and considerate service. Great purchase experience.”

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