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Centrifugal Sifter For Magnetic Material

Analysis of Problems Existing in the Screening Process of Magnetic Materials

The size of the magnetic powder particles is an important factor affecting the performance of the magnetic composite material, and the fineness determines its value. Therefore, in the production process, the use of a screening machine is the fundamental guarantee to ensure the fineness of the material; due to the high hardness and strong viscosity of the magnetic material , Vibrating screening machine uses its gravitational potential energy or exerts exciting force, elastic force, impulse operation to screen, it is difficult to screen. In the screening process, there are problems such as clumping, easy blockage, and large dust, polluting the environment and wasting raw materials. Therefore, the screening problem is a major problem in the production of magnetic materials.

The solution to the problem of magnetic material screening

According to the characteristics of magnetic materials, Xinxiang Dahan Vibration Machinery Co., Ltd. has researched and produced a special screening machine for magnetic materials-centrifugal sifter Because the air flow screen adopts the heavy direct installation net, the air flow atomization spraying net technology, the air is the carrier, and the kinetic energy is the operating principle of the work. After mixing the material with air through the negative pressure airflow, it enters the middle of the screen wind wheel, exerts sufficient centrifugal force through the wind wheel blades, sprays the barrel screen through the net, and is collected by the volute. The screening problem of blocking the screen; the use of air flow screens and dust collectors and other equipment can solve the problems of dust and pollution, and do not waste raw materials, and the use environment and economic value are doubled.

At present, the "Dahan brand" centrifugal sifter has been widely used in the screening process of a variety of light, fine, easy to adhere, and easy to suspend materials. From the screening effect to the output, it has been satisfied and affirmed by customers. Dahan vibration machinery manufacturers welcome You test the machine and provide it from stock. 

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