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The Reasons Why the Blockage of Vibration Feeder

Vibration feeder, also known as vibration feeder, refers to a kind of equipment that can uniformly, regularly and continuously feed bulk and granular materials to the receiving device from the storage bin. In the process of using, the vibration feeder plays a pivotal role in the whole production line. Any small fault of the equipment may affect the production progress of the whole production line. Therefore, although the vibration feeder is not the most important equipment in the production line, it has an important role that can not be ignored. Then the vibration feeder sometimes appears blocking situation, what is the reason for this?

1.Improper storage

In the process of using, we should also pay attention to the fact that the load of silo should not be directly pressed on the inclined trough of feeder, which will lead to fatigue damage of spring plate and connecting fork for a long time, leading to one of them breaking.

Solution: Before and after production, check the machine to avoid improper storage.

2.Non-uniform feeding

It may be caused by excessive feeding, which results in the accumulation of materials in the seat, the increase of lift and drag screw conveyor force, and the poor operation of hopper. In this case, fewer feeds should be made immediately and the feeding uniformity should be maintained.

Solution: Operators must strictly operate in accordance with the operation specifications, so that there can not be too much material to cause blockage.

3. Improper gap between core and armature

The gap between the core and armature of feeder is too large or too small. If this happens, it will affect the feeding of feeder because the machine can not reach the normal amplitude.

Solution: Before and after the start of production, the machine should be checked and maintained to ensure that no problems occur.

4. Installation unreasonable

Because of the inconsistency between the various parts of the feeder, these are mainly caused by the loosening of some parts. It is necessary to adjust the tunability of the components, adjust the compression degree of the spring plate compression bolt to the best, and make the inclined groove reach the range of the specified amplitude in production.

Solution: Strictly follow the instructions to operate, if you do not understand can consult the manufacturer, must not occur their own arbitrary installation caused unnecessary losses.

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