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The Best Solution to Enhance the Seal of Screw Conveyor Secret

The screw conveyor has the advantages of low manufacturing cost, strong sealing, stability, simple operation and long service life. It can be mounted at many points without moving driving device. But in the use of a variety of reasons, resulting in a decline in sealing, at this time, what should we do to improve its sealing? After I learned the following methods together with the mechanic technicians of Dahan, let's take a look at them.

The METHODs Improving the sealing of pipe screw conveyor:

Method 1: Lubrication of filling cup of tubular screw conveyor

The contact surface between the shaft and the disk root and the disk root body are oiled through the oil cup to enhance the lubrication and infiltration effect, reduce the wear of the disk root and the shaft, and form an oil film layer to prevent the powder from flowing out through the clearance at the journal. The oil tank extends to the innermost layer with obvious sealing effect.

Method 2: Lengthen the sleeve ruler at the sealing filler of the end seat

Pipe screw conveyor lengthens the dimension of the sleeve at the sealing filler of the end seat, thus increasing the number of circles of the packing roots and enhancing the sealing effect.

Method 3: Designing a pair of labyrinth skeleton sealing rings on the inner side of end seat sleeve

A pair of labyrinth skeleton sealing rings are designed on the inner side of the end-seat sleeve. One is fixed on the end-seat sleeve, and the other is mounted on the shaft to work together with the shaft to prevent material powder from flowing out, thus playing a sealing effect.

Method 4: Use pneumatic sealing device

Use a pneumatic sealing device to tightly fit the seal and the conveyor connection through air pressure to form an effective sealing protective layer to prevent dust leakage. The pneumatic sealing device has the advantages of good sealing effect and easy operation.

By adopting the above improvement methods, the sealing performance of the screw conveyor can be effectively improved. You can choose the appropriate solution according to the actual situation. If you want to inquire more about other aspects of screw conveyors, please go to our product page to view or contact us directly!

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