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Shaftless Screw Conveyor For Sticky Material with High Temperature

Shaftless screw conveyors are an effective solution for conveying high temperature viscous materials. Screw design should be optimized for viscous materials to prevent material buildup and clogging. Materials of construction should be selected based on the temperature range and corrosiveness of the material. Stainless steel may be suitable for high temperature applications , while coatings or linings may be required for corrosive materials. However, some high temperature materials may require special heat transfer considerations, for example, hollow screw designs with cooling jackets may be required to prevent material overheating, i.e. high-temperature screw conveyors.

Optimal design of high temperature resistance

In order to overcome the defects of high temperature spiral machine technology, we upgraded the product. The screw diameter and pitch of the conveyor, the type of reducer and the power of the motor can be determined according to the maximum and minimum conveying capacity. Cantilever shell, spiral conveyor, discharge pipe, bearing seat and sleeve are all heat-resistant steel. Sliding bearings replace complex rolling bearings.  

Running stability

Not easy to clog

The possibility of low speed operation

Smooth transmission to reduce energy consumption

With large torsional distance

Economic durability

If you need to monitor the transportation of materials all the time, an open-air level axle-less conveyor is suitable for you. If you have a demand for transportation angle or a high requirement for hygiene and dust-free, then a fully closed shaftless conveyor that can adjust the tilt angle is your preferred choice.The equipment is used in a large potash fertilizer production plant in Xinjiang, which makes the material enter the high temperature furnace and kiln quickly at high temperature and is not easy to block. When the equipment needs to be overhauled, remove the connectors of the fixed slide device and the moving slide device, so that the equipment can be pulled out of the furnace quickly and the cooling rate can be accelerated to complete the maintenance work.

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