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Inclined Vibrating Screen

Three-layer, four outlet screening, screening and grading through up to 4 sieve plates, one product can be divided into 4 specifications

CE Certification ISO Certification

Price:$800.00-$5,000.00 /Set

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Multistage separation Inclined screen High efficiency

Feed particle size: 200-400 (mm)

Sieve hole size: 3mm~150mm

Production capacity: 7.5-7000 (t/h)

Number of layers: 1-4 layers

Inclined angle: about 20 degrees

Application: screening of coal, limestone, crushed stone, gravel, metal or non-metal ores and other materials

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Introduction of Inclined Vibrating Screen

Inclined Vibrating Screen

Inclined vibrating screen Inclined vibrating screens are generally suitable for scalping operations with a circular motion that rolls the material off the deck. This helps reduce "clogging" of close-sized material in the opening. The throwing angle and amplitude are adjustable within a certain range, which is easy to adapt to the material to be screened. Inclined vibrating screen usually has single layer, double layer or three layers, widely used in coal, mining, electric power, building materials, light industry and chemical industry for dry and wet classification of various granular and small loose solid materials.

Inclined Vibrating Screen Inclined Angle

According to the structural characteristics and working principle of the inclined vibrating screen for mine stone materials, the screen surface is generally inclined (the inclination angle is 15-25 degrees). From the structure and working principle of the vibrating screen, it can be seen that the direction of rotation of the exciter is relative to the direction of the material flow, and there are two cases of rotation along the material flow direction and countercurrent direction. Obviously, when the exciter rotates in the downstream direction, the material running speed increases, which can increase the production capacity, but the screening efficiency decreases.

Tips: The inclination angle of the vibrating screen should neither be too large nor too small. If the slope is too large, although the discharge is fast, the screening may not be sufficient; if the slope is too small, although the material stays on the screen for a long time, the output is not ideal.

Application of Inclined Vibrating Screen


Inclined vibrating screen is suitable for screening dry powdery materials in the chemical, food, plastic, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, glass, building materials, food, fertilizer, abrasive, ceramic and other industries, such as: fertilizer, urea, starch, salt, rice flour, Milk powder, rubber, electrolytic copper powder, electromagnetic materials, etc.

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Benefits of Inclined Vibrating Screen

Grading effect is good

The width can be adjusted, the flow line of the material sieve is long, and 1-4 layers of sieving can be performed. The specifications of each grade can be screened clearly, and the sieving efficiency is high. It is suitable for mining and sand and gravel industries.

Large amount of processing

The circular vibrating screen adopts a small amplitude, high frequency, and large inclination angle structure, with a feed particle size of 400mm and a processing capacity of 80-620 tons per hour. In addition, due to the strong vibration of the screen box, the phenomenon of material clogging can be reduced and the productivity can be improved.

Many product specifications

High manganese steel woven screens, perforated screens and rubber screens can be used according to materials and user requirements, and can be divided into YA and YK according to different bearing connection methods.

Long lasting

The vibrator adopts large clearance bearings, lubricated with thin oil, external block eccentric structure, large excitation force, bearing temperature rise is less than 35°, tire coupling, flexible connection, stable operation, strong versatility of components, and easy maintenance.

Working Principle of Inclined Vibrating Screen

In an inclined vibrating screen, the vibrating motion is circular. The vibration lifts the material, helping with delamination, while the combination of vibration and tilt angle provides the speed at which the material travels across the deck.

Screens are used throughout material processing to separate and classify material before and after the crushing stage. In the primary stage, large screening screens remove fine material before the feed enters the primary crusher, helping to protect the wear parts of the crusher from the abrasive stone or sand that has already been screened. Without debarking, primary crusher liners wear faster, requiring more frequent replacement and maintenance downtime.

After the primary crushing stage, screens with two or three decks and different opening sizes are used to separate the material into different sized categories, and conveyors transport the graded material for further crushing or storage as a salable product. Usually this screening is done by dry sieving. Wet sieving may be helpful in removing debris from the material prior to storage, as concrete and asphalt specifications often require clean stones.

Technical Parameters of Inclined Vibrating Screen

Model Screen surface parameters Feeding granularity
Handling capacity
Double amplitude
Motor Single point dynamic load
Dynamic load
Layer Area(m²) Inclination(degree) Apeture(mm) Model Power(kw)
YK1230 1 3.6 15-30 3-50 ≤200 220 6-10 Y160M-6 7.5 440 2200
2YK1230 2 3.6 15-30 3-50 ≤200 220 6-10 Y160L-6 11 732 3660
YK1530 1 4.5 15-30 3-50 ≤200 250 6-10 Y160L-6 11 720 3600
2YK1530 2 4.5 15-30 3-50 ≤200 250 6-10 Y200L1-6 18 1154 5770
YK1545 1 6.75 15-30 3-50 ≤200 300 6-10 Y180L-6 18 845 4225
2YK1545 2 6.75 15-30 3-50 ≤200 300 6-10 Y200L1-6 22 1360 6800
YK1845 1 8.1 15-30 3-50 ≤200 350 6-10 Y180L-6 18 936 4680
2YK1845 2 8.1 15-30 3-50 ≤200 350 10-15 Y200L-6 22 1570 7850
YK2045 1 9 15-30 6-100 ≤200 450 10-15 Y200L-6 18 987 4935
2YK2045 2 9 15-30 6-100 ≤400 450 10-15 Y250L-6 22 1593 7965
YK2060 1 12 15-30 6-100 ≤400 550 10-15 Y200L-6 18 1339 6695
2YK2060 2 12 15-30 6-100 ≤400 550 10-15 Y250L-6 30 2149 7590
YK2460 1 14.4 15-30 6-100 ≤400 600 10-15 Y250L-6 22 1518 9545
2YK2460 2 14.4 15-30 6-100 ≤400 600 10-15 Y250L-6 37 2107 10535

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