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What Kind Of Screw Conveyor Is Better For Flour Mills?

Flour is a common food in our daily life. There is a considerable demand for flour in our country. So what kind of screw conveyor should flour mill choose?

Recommendation: 304 stainless steel LS screw conveying mechanism is as follows

1. 304 stainless steel LS screw conveyor: 20t/h

304 stainless steel material is a special material which fully meets the national health standards. It can also be used as "food special material". So it is not wrong for flour mills to use 304 stainless steel LS screw conveyor. LS type screw conveyor is the most common type of screw conveyor. Its conveying capacity is relatively high: 20t/h conveying capacity, large carrying capacity, very stable operation, safe and reliable, so it is very popular in all walks of life. At the same time, it has become one of the hot-selling products of manufacturers.

2. Customized according to manufacturer's requirement: 3m-70m conveying length

The conveying length of LS screw conveyor can be from 3 m to 70 M. Users can customize according to their own needs within the range, and screw conveyor manufacturers support customization channels. It also wants to do its best to help users solve problems.

3. According to the demand of the manufacturer, the conveying angle can be adjusted: inclination, level.

LS screw conveyor is an upgraded version of GX Luoxun conveyor. It can realize horizontal and inclined conveying modes, and its specific use should be selected according to the angle of the equipment used.

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